Sandvika - Gol - Fagernes

Submitted by: Morten Huseby

Location: Round trip, total distance ca 400 km, west and north of Oslo.

Suggested ride:

Round trip: Sandvika, Hønefoss, Gol, Fagernes, Dokka, Jevnaker, Sandvika.

This trip is a round trip at about 400 kilometres from Sandvika to Gol, Fagernes and back. Without long breaks it takes approximately 6 hours. There are some "transport legs", but by and large this trip has lots of good road. The roads get better as you ride, so there is always something to look forward to.

The trip starts in Sandvika, just west of Oslo. You turn off the E18 and on towards Hønefoss on E16. The first 30 kilometres (to Hønefoss) is one of the aforementioned transport legs. There are some turns, but mostly it is straight ahead. On the stretch from Skui to Sollihøgda it is wise to take things easy. It is very tempting to speed up here - which is probably why the police frequently set up speed traps here.

Keep going past Hønefoss on E16 and turn towards Gol on Rv 7. Follow this road all the way to Gol. I would say this is an OK ride.

At Gol, turn off and follow road 49 towards Fagernes. This stretch of road is about 40 kilometres, and is extremely enjoyable, a great motorcycle road. First you go through twisties on your way up to the mounatin plateau. Then there are some kilometres of smooth, sweeping turns with good visibility on good asphalt. This part allows for peg-scraping without breaking too many speed limits. The road down towards Fagernes is incredible. Bends, twists and turns that allow for great rhytm.

At Fagernes turn onto E16 towards Oslo. Follow this road for about 15 kilometres and then take the Rv 33 towards Dokka. From Dokka follow the Rv 245 along the west side of lake Randsfjorden to Jevnaker. This is among the 80 best consecutive kilometres of road to be found near Oslo. Once you reach the end of this road (i. e. the end of the lake), crosee the bridge turning left. Turn left again and go in the direction of Jevnaker for a few hundred metres. Then take a right turn and follow Rv 241 by way of Klekken, to come out onto E16 just east of Hønefoss. From there you follow the E16 the rest of the way to Sandvika, and the round trip is complete.

Morten Huseby

Karines note: This contribution was originally written in Norwegian and then translated into English by me. Any grammatical etc errors are accordingly my fault and not to be blamed on Morten ;-)

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