Submitted by: GTI

Location: Buskerud/Vestfold

Suggested ride(s):

Addition to Sande-Hof-Eikeren-ride suggested by Steinar:

When you come to Vestfossen, don't go to E134, but follow some nondescript signs that says "Mjøndalen" (the road has #66, but I'm not surprised if it's not marked). The road goes right from the intersection where there's a huge brick building down that road - i.e. turn right - the brick building is on your left side. This is if you come from Eikeren. Follow the signs to Mjøndalen, the road is narrow and twisty some places, signs are easy to miss. In springtime - beware!! - the socalled "telehiv" is very much present. Meaning treacherous dumps and bumps, and maybe some potholes too. Also mind that the farmers are doing their seasonal fertilizing andstuff.... When you come to the top, the road opens up - and it's just you, the road, and the fields. Speed limit is 80 for a good part of it. Enjoy!

When you close in on the little village called Mjøndalen, you have two options (if you're going to Drammen/Oslo, that is).

Alt #1: Follow signs to E134/Drammen. This takes you - exactly - to that road, and you can do the traffic-light-race which leads in to Drammen on E134 :-)

Alt #2: Ride through Mjøndalen, when you reach the other side - not very big village - you should see signs to Drammen, via E134 (and also 283), and to Konnerud - officially #36, but unmarked. Follow signs to Konnerud (road turns right). This road is twisty, has speed limits of 60/50/80/60/50... The 80-part which passes the little lake of Hagatjern is the infamous n.a.m.-sound-stretch from '97. If you go this way, you might try and pop me a mail, and see if I'm home and have some eggs and hamburger for ya :-)

You eventually end up at Konnerud, from where you can go to Drammen - turn left in the T-intersection at the Statoil gas station. Or - if you want to do the Hanekleiva run - turn right here. Which is #2A (Officially #33, 34 and32): Follow the road through some residential areas, eventually you come out in the open farmland again. Great roads, speed limit is 80 most of it. You come to Skoger Church, where you keep right. Watch out - you might be tempted to "check" your speedo here.... When you reach the end of the long stretch, there's a nondescript road to the right. This will take you through even more twisties, and you'll end up near Sande, from where you can hit the E18 - or make the Hanekleiva/Eidsfoss trip again!


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