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Hurum peninsula Submitted by: Karine Bøstrup

Location: Southwest of Oslo

Suggested ride(s):Around the Hurum peninsula

This is a short (2-3 hours) trip around the Hurum peninsula, southwest of Oslo. Starting from Oslo, take the E18 towards Drammen (alternatively, go by way of Sollihøgda, another nice ride. Just after the toll station (Lierbommen) before Drammen, turn right (sign says Lier / Tranby / Røyken) and then left in the roundabout, towards Røyken. Keep going towards Røyken, through another roundabout and across the railroad tracks, on road 282.

Where 282 turns eastwards (towards Røyken), turn right onto a small road (no number on my map, known as Grimsrudveien). This road follows the Drammensfjord south. The scenery is beautiful and reminds me somewhat of the fjords in the west country. Good twisties (says I, enjoying them only from my backseat point of view as I *still* haven't got a bike license) and there are some speedy bits as well. But beware - the asphalt was in tatters in places last year (1998) and bouncing on the back of a VTR 1000 was very uncomfortable.

Follow the road (as it becomes 281) south and around the peninsula. Close your helmet lid and keep your breath when you pass Tofte! The cellulose factory is somewhat, uhm, "aromatic".... Just north of Tofte is Filtvet, a nice place to stop for a coffee - if the wind blows the right way - otherwise the smell from Tofte follows you up!

From Storsand you can take the ferry across the Oslo fjord to Drøbak, a good starting point for a trip around Nesodden and head back up to Oslo that way. Following the road up the east side of the peninsula there are some more enjoyable twisting roads. You can turn onto the E18 again at Asker, or keep on the small road past Holmen and Nesbru before joining the E18 at Sandvika.

Karine Bøstrup

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