Minnesund to Lygna through Hurdal

Rating: 2

Submitted by: Simen Myhre

Location: 56km northeast of Oslo

Suggested ride:

You start in Lygnaseter, going eastward on 180, with curves where you can scrub your knees in 90 - 100 kmh. You then come to smoother curves with straights where you ride between 130 - 200 kmh. Then you climb up for a moment, narrow curves 130 degrees. Just hanging on each side of the bike, working with the machine and the throttle. You finish this 40 km road with a narrow Flåklypa- road, where you turn 180 degrees until you sweat. You are now almost finished, then it is time to take a break before you drive the same way back.

Simen Myhre

Karines note: The contributor didn't mention any road numbers, but I have "guesstimated" the described road to be 180, going between Lygna and Minnesund. Back to the main page