Nesodden/Tyrigrava Kro

Rating: 2 (Could have been excellent, but speed limits are too low).

Map of Nesodden Submitted by: JMT

Location: 30km south of Oslo (Nesodden)

Suggested ride(s):

From the north:
Get off E18 (sign reads Holmlia), take a right at the roundabout.

You are now on the famous "Gamle Mossevei" with the motorcycle meeting place "Tyrigrava Kro" (Wednesday nights). This is a good place to eat and meet other bikers. If you are coming from Oslo the trip to "Tyrigrava" is so short that you should go on and take a round-trip around Nesodden.

Follow Gamle Mossevei past the amusement park at Vinterbro (straight through the small roundabout there) and take a right at the next roundabout. Follow this road straight ahead until you see the sign reading "Nesodden". Take a right here and follow RV 156.

From the south:
Follow the sign to Nesodden (get off E6 before the Nordby-tunnel), take a left following RV 156.

When you get to Tangen Centrum (North tip) you should have a big grin on your face, at least if you did not bother with the speed limits. Now is the time for a Kebab with extra superplus (tm) hot sauce at the kiosk.

This round-trip around Nesodden should not take a long time - it is here as a suggestion for a great MC road description added by you! I can promise you though, that this is a great road for dragging your footpeg feelers!

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