Sarpsborg - Halden - Fredrikstad

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Submitted by: Stein Ballangrud Andersen

Location: Østfold

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Sarpsborg - Halden - Fredrikstad. Not the shortest route, no boring highways.

This is a suggestion for a motorcycle trip through three of the five cities of Østfold. My trip starts from Sarpsborg, but you can very well take this round trip from anywhere on the route. I've only described the trip from city to city, and not any tourist attractions anywhere on the trip, but if you want to, you could go to several locations along the way. Fredriksten Fortress in Halden for instance, or take a trip to the Hvaler islands (from Fredrikstad), a beautiful place in summer. Kind of like the Key West of Østfold ;-).

From Sarpsborg city, ride out of the city in a south-east direction past Orkla Borregaard and "Sarpsfossen", a great waterfall (by Norwegian standards anyway). Continue straight ahead through the first roundabout (by Hafslund Hovedgaard, a large mansion with a park). Then you will arrive at the roundabout at Hafslund. Keep straight ahead through this one as well. Just after the roundabout, you'll see a Shell gas station on your right hand side. This is a rather large gas station with some groceries and a lot of snacks as well. There is also a snackbar/hamburger bar by the gas station. Keep right in the roundabout just past the gas station. You're on RV127. Keep on straight ahead for a couple of kilometers until you pass a grocery shop on your right hand side, called "Bjørnstad Mat". Just after that shop, you make a left turn.

(I think the sign pointing in that direction says "Rokke Krk", but they may have changed that.) You are now on "Rokkeveien". For a little while, it has a 50 km/h speed limit, but only for a couple of kilometers. Look out for gravel in the road for the first couple of kilometers after the speed limit changes. (to no limit, ie. 80 km/h). Now the road gets pretty fun and twisty through the forest. Stay on Rokkeveien all the way To Halden. Ride westwards, out of Halden, towards E6 (I guess signs say Svinesund, Sarpsborg and Oslo).

However, don't go all the way to E6 (the highway), but make a right turn, following the sign to "Haldenterminalen", for some really open and exiting curves, where you can really get your knee down (but LOOK OUT for gravel in the road here). After the twisty part, you approach an intersection. There is a sign here saying "Berg Krk" pointing to the right. Take a LEFT here, and then a right almost at once. You're now heading towards Ingedal and Skjeberg. Keep on this road until you see a motel/restaurant on a parallell road on your right hand side, called "Høk Kro". You are to turn right here, and then left, so that you continue in the same general direction that you were going before the right turn. (You are NOT supposed to continue to the roundabout you see further ahead before you turn right. That way takes you out on the E6).

Now, keep straight ahead on this road. There are some interesting bends here as well as a long straight. After the long straight, there is a 50 km/h speed limit. Shortly after the 50-sign, turn left across the railroad crossing. You're now at "Skjeberg Stasjon" (If you turn left here, you'll arrive at a nice bathing-resort, Høysand. Here is also a camping). You're now on the road you will follow all the way to Fredrikstad (Just after the 50 km/h speed limit goes away, you can see some of this area's many rock carvings 50 meters up the road to the right, by the way).

Follow this road all the way to the roundabout at "Østsiden" east of Fredrikstad. Follow the signs towards Fredrikstad (straight ahead). You approach another, larger roundabout. Keep on straight ahead over the large bridge (Fredrikstadbrua), and you're in Fredrikstad. Go straight ahead in the two roundabouts you come to, and go through Fredrikstad city, and turn left in the large signal crossing by the mall ("Torvbyen"). Go straight ahead, out of the city. You'll soon arrive at a roundabout, where you turn right. Follow the sign that says "Veum" pointing to the right, and then at the next intersection, follow the sign pointing to the left, which also says "Veum" Stay on this road (Veumveien) until you see "Veum psychiatric hospital" across a field, up a road to the right. Make a right turn here, and pass the Hospital on your right. Don't go up to the hospital, but in the intersection some 100 meters up the road, by a snackbar called "Gunnars Storkiosk"

This road (Evenrødveien, later Seppoveien) goes over "Liane", and is an excellent motorcycle road through the forest, with a lot of twisting curves. Don't go crazy, though, because this is not a place where you want to go off the road (Many deep ditches and a lot of tree trunks by the roadside, and the asphalt isn't the best you'll see.). You pass an intersection (Lianekrysset) on this road, where you go straight ahead. At the end of this road, you come to an intersection. 50 meters to the left, you have Solli Veikro (one of the many "Veikroer" in Norway, a roadside restaurant). If you go left here, you can take the E6 either north, towards Moss and Oslo, or south, towards Sarpsborg, Halden and Sweden. On this trip however, you turn right in the intersection, going towards Rolvsøy (on RV112, i think). Follow this road until you can turn right to go up on RV109 (Rolvsøyveien), which crosses the road you're on, on a bridge. (Signs propably say Sarpsborg and Fredrikstad.) Go north-east on RV109 towards Sarpsborg. Go straight ahead in a couple of roundabouts, (You'll find a McDonalds and a gas station if you turn right in the first one.) and you're back in Sarpsborg. This trip includes some of my favourite motorcycle roads in the area, and if you visit each town, and see some of the attractions, or maybe go to Moss to take the ferry across Oslofjorden to Horten (Vestfold), you could make a day of it. I'm not certain just how far it is, but my guess would be some 80-90 kilometers.

Happy Trails!

Stein Ballangrud Andersen

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