Rating: 3 Map of Porsanger

Submitted by: Hans J. Sahlberg

Location: Porsanger, Finnmark

Suggested ride(s): Porsanger to Brenna

Drive straight thru Lakselv (E6) and towards Børselv/Ifjord. When you come to Børselv - turn left towards Brenna. You will find beautiful nature and some very special white mountains. Looks like salt. All this is located by the lovely fjord "Porsanger". If you drive further you will find lovely sights and camping opportunities. After about 30 kms ride you will be able to have a great view towards "Magerøya" - where "North Cape" is located. Take the little tour while your visiting Finnmark - lovely ride, beautiful nature. Have a good time!

Hans J. Sahlberg

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