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Submitted by: Steinar Bang

Location: Sande, 62km southwest of Oslo

Suggested ride(s):

A very popular choice is to leave E18 at Sande, and follow 32 west. The first thing you get to is the switchback climb across a hill called "Hanekleivane". This climb is as fun from both sides of the hill (wide two lane road, with good road surfacing). The eastern side of the hill is somewhat ruined by roadworks on the new E18, with gravel and the occasional oil spill on the asphalt.

A bit further west on 32 you come to the intersection where it meets 35. A very good choice for a trip is to take 35 going north, along the lake named "Eikeren". As you reach Eikeren, at Eidsfoss, you find one of my favorite stopping places for a dinner out, especially in good weather when you can sit at an outdoors table: "Gamle Eidsfoss Kro". Good food, nice atmosphere. Caution: if you order pizza, you may have to wait for a while.

Route 35 along Eikeren is a most excellent ride. A bit narrow in places, but otherwise fairly good sightlines in corners, so you can keep a high and smooth average speed. Caution: there's a lot of cabins along the lake, and during weekends there's a lot of cars parked along the road, with grownups and kids swarming mindlessly all around them.

As the lake leaves us on the left hand side, we get to an intersection at a place named Sandbakken. Here we have the option of turning left (towards Kongsberg). Once we reach E139 (former route 11) at Darbu, we can turn left on E139 (again towards Kongsberg), and soon after Krekling we will find some magnificent twisties that turn into a nice high speed road, all the way to Kongsberg.

If we continue straight ahead at Sandbakken, we fairly soon reach a small village named Vestfossen. Just after Vestfossen we reach E139. Route choices from there are left to another map and description.

If we go west at the intersection between 32 from Sande, and 35, we soon get to Hof. The best option here would be to continue 35 down to Sundbyfoss, and then west on 32. Do not fall for the temptation to follow the signs to 32 at the Statoil station, as you then would miss some excellent corners going west on 32, from Sundbyfoss, among them a 90° right sweeper, with full view all through the corner, and the possibility of fairly safe peg scraping.

Route 32 going west here has excellent road surfacing quality, until we cross the border to Buskerud fylke (province) where it's replaced by broken asphalt. When you get to Hvittingfoss, you have the option of following route 40 north to Kongsberg og 40 south through Lågendalen towards Larvik. The latter is straight ahead and boring at most speeds. Also prone to speed traps because of its high level of traffic. But at Steinsholt, route 32 continues across Siljan to Skien, and this is a good choice for entering Telemark fylke.

Steinar Bang

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