Rating: 2

Submitted by: Odd Arne Kjørstad

Location: Akershus

Suggested ride(s):

Start in Sandvika. Drive towards Hønefoss. Magnus says: Beware of speed traps on E16 from Sandvika going uphill to Sollihøgda. Karine says: The cafe at the summit at Sollihøgda has very good burgers indeed! It also has a big veranda where you can sit outside and eat - and a fair number of bikers often do. When you reach the tunnels after Sollihøgda, turn towards Drammen along the eastern leg of lake Tyrifjorden. Excellent road with many good twists and turns. When you reach Kjellstad, follow the signs to Røyken and take RV 282 by way of Slemmestad back to Sandvika. More twisty roads, but also some full-throttle stretches.

Odd Arne Kjørstad

Note from Karine: I have translated Odd Arne's contribution into English. Any and all typos et cetera are mine, not his.

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