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Submitted by: Hugo Svendsen

Location: Lofoten /Vesterålen

Suggested ride(s):

It is a shame you haven't got any roads from Lofoten and Vesterålen. Twisty roads in the midnight sun with a motorbike and no traffic. Or in the daytime, running the risk of meeting the occasional car.

From the ferry landing in Melbu (E10) towards Sortland, that is, if you have been in Lofoten and are heading north. In stead of going directly from Melbu to Stokmarknes, you can go on the outside of Hadseløya island. Three times as far, but five times as nice and fifty times the amount of turns. In addition, wonderful nature, great beaches et cetera.

If you really want an experience keep going from Stokmarknes towards Sortland, but turn left after the Hadsel bridge, about 1 km after the bridge. Drive past Strand and along the Eidsfjorden. Lovely road, loads of turns, BUT, about 6-7 kms of gravel at the end before you go through the Holmstaddalen valley, across the mountain and down into Sortland.

I live on the Lofot side of Hadselfjorden and I usuallu take this trip a number of times during the summer, when I take the ferry across the fjord, grab a paper and some hot dogs and hit the road. I stop at a special place in Eidsfjorden where it's totally undisturbed. Light a fire, barbecue the hot dogs and read the paper. The rest is all fun. Especially when you ride a Virago 750 and don't need 100 kms/h through the turns to get that bikeriding feeling.

We have plenty other roads in Lofoten that are exceptionally well suited for motorbike riding, i.e., VERY twisty.

Hugo Svendsen

Karines note: I took the liberty of translating Hugo's Norwegian into English. Content kudos to Hugo, typo and grammar flames to me ;-). Another biker who suggested the Lofoten area is Erik Haneborg.

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