Nammelyd fra de dype skoger(tm):

These sounds were recorded by Tom Cevro at the n.a.m./DoD Norway Chapter Great Wild Boar BBQ/Speed Test August 23. 1997 using a Tascam DA-P1 DAT-player and an AKG C522ENG stereo microphone.

Track1.mp3 (255KB) GSX/CBR/VFR
Track2.mp3 (94KB) Honda VFR
Track3.mp3 (187KB) KAS, Honda CBR600/Supertrapp
Track4.mp3 (170KB) JMT, Honda VTR1000/Yosh RS-3
Track5.mp3 (136KB) Yamaha FJ1000
Track6.mp3 (119KB) BMW
Track7.mp3 (221KB) Huseby, Suzuki GSX1100/HomeMade
Track8.mp3 (136KB)
Track10.mp3 (213KB)
Track11.mp3 (825KB) VTR/CBR/VFR/FJ/GSX Concert
Track12.mp3 (247KB) Huseby, Suzuki GSX1100/HomeMade
Track13.mp3 (187KB) JMT, Honda VTR1000/Yosh RS-3
Track14.mp3 (281KB) KAS, Honda CBR600/Supertrapp
Track15.mp3 (255KB) Honda VFR/Cobra
Track16.mp3 (170KB) Honda Sabre
Track17.mp3 (289KB)
Track18.mp3 (350KB) Huseby, Suzuki GSX1100/HomeMade

All soundfiles here are Copyright 1997-2004 n.a.m/DoD Norway Chapter, commercial use prohibited.


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