I love building, tinkering with and running remote controlled cars. I bought my first car, the Traxxas Rustler in 1999 which was way too late really - considering I was then more than 30 years old.
I don't think I will ever quite grow up though. My son is enjoying driving the HPI Micro in the picture on the right.


Our cars:
The indoor car: 1:18 HPI Micro with Dodge Viper body, Orion Elite mod motor, Novak SPY controller, steel outdrives/dogbones, HPI rear ball diff and Hitec 81MG servo.

The touring car: 1:10 Associated TC3 Team Kit with several 12 turn modified motors, GM V8 controller, Futaba 9404 servo and Dodge Stratus body.

The dirty dog for playing around: Electric Traxxas Rustler with modified chassis, upgraded front shocks and GM V4 controller. Running a mild motor in this for runtime.

The tabletop offroader: Kyosho Overland now with soft tyres, ball bearings, oil dampers and lots of nice blue anodized aluminium parts. This car is great fun and it is easy to make interesting tracks in the living room.

The Green Beast: 1:8 Kyosho Inferno MP-7.5 Kanai Edition with OS RZ .21 engine and Futaba S9405/S9001 servos.


The tabletop racers: two Kyosho MiniZ racers with ball bearings, ball diffs and carbon fiber H-plates. Bodies: F360 Modena, Loctite Honda NSX and F355 (not shown here). The racing car is now set up with an AMBrc transponder, steering knuckles with 2 degrees camber, toe-in bar, stiff front anti-roll bar and titanium rear diff axle.

Me and my son running the HPI Micro Dodge Viper indoors, 2 minute QuickTime movie, 13.4MB download.

OS Engines
HPI Car kits, tires, bodies
Associated Car kits, Reedy motors
Kyosho Everything RC
Traxxas Entry level car kits
Futaba Radio gear, servos
Hudy Lathes, tools
Novak Controllers, chargers
Hitec Radio gear, servos
GM Motors, controllers, chargers
LRP Motors, controllers, chargers
Team Orion Motors, chargers, Micro hopups

HPI Micro stuff:
Taunton Ministox Club Micro pages
Micro RS4 Racer
Procar AB HPI distributor in Sweden, downloads

Traxxas stuff:
Ultimate Traxxas

Radiostyrt Forum Norge
Balakracing: on commcutting
RCXotic Lots of good tips here
RC411 ExtremeRC
RC Central
Team RCV
Radio Control Car Action

MiniZ transmitter frequencies we use at USIT:
Magnus Taraldsen: 26.915 (main)
27.145 (spare, Kyosho#4)
27.255 (spare, Kyosho #6)
Joakim Taraldsen: 27.095 (Kyosho #3)
Håkon Onsager: 27.380 (main)
27.045 (spare, Kyosho #2)
Alexander Lothe: 26.995 (Kyosho #1)
Øyvind Waal: Kyosho #5

AM frequency list: http://www.storfors.nu/mini-z/frekvenser.asp

MiniZ links:
Kyoshos MiniZ page
Mini-Z World
Swedish page with great forum
MiniZ Racer Good forum here
CyberDuk MiniZ
Martini Racing MiniZ
Badet Raceway Track in Oslo
Ballerud Gård MiniZ Track just outside Oslo
Arendal Raceway Track in Arendal

Online hobbyshops in Norway:
Smallsize Losi, Kyosho, Tamiya, Hitec, GM
Micromonsters Hyper, HPI, Sirio
Modellhobby Kyosho, Tamiya, Hitec
Norwegian Modellers Associated, Reedy, Futaba, Traxxas
Antrade LRP, XRay, Serpent, Hudy

Online hobbyshops worldwide:
DinBall e-store
Tower Hobbies

Clubs in the Oslo area:
Oslo Modellbilklubb
LÝrenskog Modellbilklubb


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Last update 25/4-04 (Kyosho Inferno MP-7.5 Kanai Edition)