From: (Joel A. Frahm)
Subject: Re: Being lifted off of the bike at 110 mph.
Date: 16 May 1995 17:11:35 GMT

Is it just me or when you are REALLY moving, does it feel like you are trying to be lifted up and off the bike? I was hunched over the gas tank of my 92 Katana 600 and tried to make it as aero-dynamic as possible. It seemed that as soon as I hit 110 mph it felt like there was a force trying to pull the back of my jacket straight up and off the bike.


My guess is that you created a low pressure zone around the motorcycle. It probably did try to lift you off. Some bikes with windshields have this problem at speed, that's why the ST 1100 windshield now has two vent holes in it.

Hmm, I haven't had this problem since I learned to grip the key fob with my teeth. Of course you can't do this with a full-face helmet, but the extra grip you get with your teeth easily makes up for any safety margin you lose by going with an open face helmet. Anyway, if you are going to ride fast, just bend over and, well, bite it.


From: (131AA0000-RogersC(DR8926)273)
Subject: Re: Being lifted off of the bike at 110 mph.
Date: Tue, 16 May 1995 23:07:24 GMT

In article (3pag05$ (John M Feiereisen) writes:

Hein Gericke has just come out with a new line of jackets made specifically for the type of high-speed riding you describe. They employ active control surfaces to augment the control of your bike. The Hein Gericke TomCat jacket has spoilers across the shoulders. If you get the matching TomCat pants, sensors in the butt will trigger the flight control computer to deploy the spoilers, destroying any lift and keeping your butt planted firmly in the seat.

Imagine the effect on the adolescent testosterone-poisoned set when these become more widely available. Forget aerodynamics! What better way to demonstrate your approval of a "babe" than to trigger your spoilers and other active control surfaces by way of response. Try to picture the reaction of a whole "pod" of such squidly types suddenly confronted with, er, Heather Locklear in swimwear. Probably sound and look like one of those National Geographic films where all the flamingoes erupt simultaneously into flight. Of course, excessive duty-cycling from over-stimulation might toast the control wiring or the butt sensors, adding a plaintive, rather penetrating vocal dimension to the already deafening the cacophony.