An Examination Of The G.R.O.O.V.Y. Programming Language.

This language is freed from the rigid and authoritarian requirements of
conventional languages. It has no control structures, as such, because
these imply an uncool imposition of authority. Instead of a 'GOTO' concept,
the language knows where you're coming from at all times. Similarly, there is
no such thing as an incorrect statement, just 'cool' and 'uncool'.
The main data type is 'unreal'. Variables of type unreal can be allocated
at any time with the "I-need-my-own-space-man" construct. This construct
is always cool, even if used in an uncool context. Unreal variables may be
'in touch' or 'far out'. To access a far out variable, you have to dig it.
You can't dig anything that's not unreal... this is an uncool construct.

There are some restrictions. GROOVY programs that are too long can elicit
messages such as 'Are you trying to lay a trip on me', or 'This is really
getting me down, man'. These errors are not fatal, merely type 'Hey, it's
cool man, take your time' on the console and processing will (eventually)