From: (Robert D Castro)
Subject: Re: Help me!  I have MOTB!!!!!
Date: 23 Jun 1995 14:01:24 GMT

In article (,
John W. Markus ( wrote:

:Ok.  I know we've all had our occasional ilnesses because of motorcycles
:(such as new bike fever, or Ducati lust), however, I think I've contracted
:the deadly MOTB.  (Motorcycles On The Brain)  The last few weeks I've been
:showing the tell-tale symptoms, but I need a second opinion.

[symptoms deleted ]

You have a very very VERY mild case.  When you start sleeping in your
helmet, leathers, gloves, and boots and bring your bike into the
kitchen to share a cup of coffee with THEN you may want to see a
doctor.... Dr. Speed is highly recommended!