From: (Sylvia)
Newsgroups: nl.motorfiets,no.alt.motorsykler
Subject: Re: Goddag, undskyld mig
Date: Sat, 01 Nov 1997 17:30:33 GMT (Rude Roadkill) :

++Well, to write proper danish, the first thing you have to do is stuff
++a potato into your communications port.
+No-no-no! That's the recipe for speaking skånsk.

But Skåne is Northern Denmark...

+This is the op.mod.
+for speaking danish *and* get understood by danes:
+1: Slice open your throat
+2: Stuff some potatoes in
+3: Go fin an old scarf, stuff it in
+4: Drink *lots* of booze
+5: Speak english
+*Now* you speak danish

You forgot:
find someone to kick you, so you get angry.