From: "Gary L. Simmons" (
Subject: Re: Acceptable frame rate
Date: Fri, 17 Jan 1997 08:34:56 +0100

Will Schnabel wrote:

: Can anyone suggest an acceptable minimum system configuration for
: network Marathon? I am looking for a machine to set up for net games
: with my wife (!)
: I know that Infinity is not supposed to work on an '030 machine, but I
: have hooked up a friend's IIcx to my 630CD and was somewhat
: successful...albeit the frame rate on the IIcx was pretty choppy.
: I have not had the luxury of playing on a PPC, so my standards are
: pretty low ;)
: Has anyone had reasonable success on a low-budget '030 or '040 machine?
: I'm sure that a couple of 9500s would do the trick, but are slightly out
: of my price range at the moment.
: Any suggestions that do not include physical harm will be
: appreciated...
: Will Schnabel


The minimum system configuration in your case is to open up a box of rubber bands, slap a red Post-it note on your wife's forehead and chase her around the house snapping her on the butt while yelling "POW POW POW TWEEEEEEEE BOOOOOM!". Remember to sidestep when she returns fire with rolling pins, dishes and picture frames. Sure, she'll get red baboon assed mad at ya but if you don't have a PowerPC this is what you must settle for. (Bungie recomends a 040 machine or faster but if you are going to buy a Mac, wait a little until you can get a PowerPC!)

Gary Simmons
the Battle Cat