From: (Kerry Lee High Jr)
Subject: ABOI: IR Transfer
Date: 5 Sep 1996 13:12:07 GMT

[ Article crossposted from comp.sys.hp48 ]
[ Author was Dave Arnett ]
[ Posted on 4 Sep 1996 21:20:47 GMT ]

: ... so I assume that the beam itself has enuff power to get to : the TV, so I'm guess the receiver is a peice of carp. Is there a way : to make the receive more powerful (ie. more sensitive)?

Another sleuth has unlocked the mysteries in the HP48 IR design. The resistors and capacitors are a sham. The real active element is a small piece of carp. We thought for a while we could improve the sensitivity with a combination of smelt and catnip, but that proved to be a red herring. We tried grunion but it only ran a few weeks of the year, and then only at night. We even tried babblefish, but there was too much crosstalk. We finally settled on a piece of carp.

Seriously though, the original author was quite correct in laying blame on the IR receiver for the overall link length. I have stated my opinions on the causes and ramifications of that (good) design decision, and will quietly bow out of further musings on the topic.