Hugh Leslie Frazier ( wrote:
: I propose the formation of a newsgroup for those members of the Emory
: community who can no longer make a reliable connection to the new modem
: pool:  emory.itd.modem.not.  Possible topics of discussion might include: 

: How to read your e-mail in those 30 precious seconds before you get 
: disconnected.
: Novellas that can be read while waiting for Dooley to respond.
: The Zen of 2400 baud.
: The Workaround: 727-8621 and Beyond.
: Deciphering Screen Garbage.
: "NO CARRIER" as a Metaphor for Life.

: Since the users who would really benefit from this newsgroup proabably 
: can't read this -- because they can't stay connected long enough -- 
: please tell all your connection-challenged friends to mail in their votes 
: for the formation of this new group.

: These votes will, of course, have to be delivered by snail mail. In fact, 
: very few articles will actually make it to the emory.itd.modem.not group, 
: for the obvious reasons, but it's the thought that counts.

: -- Lee (racing against the clock...)