From: (TheDrummer)
Subject: Re: Starting problems
Date: 4 Aug 1995 05:55:55 -0400

In article (, (Nick Boutet) writes:

:   Anyway, it won't start because there appears to be something wrong
:with the bike charging the battery when it runs.  You see, it won't
:charge the battery while the engine is running like it my
:new battery went dead in a week...i suppose i could just charge it but,
:i need to find out what happened to not make it charge.
:    What should i look for in terms of something wrong or disconected in
:this situation?  I am not a really good wrench so step by step
:instructions would be appreciated... Any help (ANY!!!)  would be greatly

1) Buy a new battery
2) Get on bike and start it up
3) Engage first gear and drive off
4) Continue riding until you approach a dealer
5) Walk in looking clueless and tell them to put a new alternater on your
6) Come back three weeks later (because that's what the nice man said)
with $300 and drive off 
7) Smile