From: (Gaye Oliver)
Subject: Re: Re Radar Detector Detector Detector Detectors
Date: 20 Feb 1995 13:18:36 GMT

In article <3i16eo$>, says...
:In <3hvc7v$> writes:
:: The radar detector detector may be the policeman himself. Might
:: he not notice that as soon as he turns on his detector your brakes
:: come on. your nose dips and the digits on his display look to be
:: counting down to lift-off?
:: Just a thought.
:There's some logic askew here.
:If teh radar detector detector was the policeman himself, then he 
:would notice that as soon as he turns on his RADAR (not detector or 
:detector detector), teh brake lights come on adn nosedive ensues as a 
:result of your radar detector detectign teh radar.
:If, however, he turns on his detector (as in radar detector detector),
:adn notices that your brakes come on adn your nose dips, tehn it
:logically follows that his radar detector detector detected your radar
:detector, but in response, your radar detector detector detector had
:detected his radar detector detector (which, if you will remember,
:detected your radar detector), leadign you to conclude taht he could
:detect that you have a radar detector adn that the officer himself
:could not have been the actual radar detector detector, because if he
:was, tehn he wouldn't need another radar detector detector unless it
:was a radar detector detector detector detector.