Date: Mon, 9 Dec 1996 01:30:20 +45
Subject: TopFive -- 12/9/96 -- Rejected Christmas Toy Ideas

The Top 15 Rejected Christmas Toy Ideas

15 Box O' Nails! (Now with glass!)

14 Sit 'n Spin Rotisserie

13 The Junior Daredevil loosely-assembled bicycle

12 Marge Schott's Real American Super See 'n' Say

11 Lincoln's Logs (Learn about the digestive system *and* our 16th President!)

10 The Drunken Daddy playset (with a six-pack of "beer" and a stained undershirt)

9 Larry King action figure

8 The Kurt Cobain Dead Rock Star Game (Land on the wrong space and Kurt's brains are everywhere!)

7 Radio Shack High Voltage Experiment Center

6 Uno Bomber Action Card Game

5 Drill Sgt. Larry, with lifelike PantsDrop(tm) action

4 The Waiting For Godot Action Playset

3 My First Breathalizer

2 Fondle Me Jacko

and the Number 1 Rejected Christmas Toy Idea...

1 "Poke-Your-Eye-Out Stick" by Whammo