From: (Chris Malcolm)
Subject: Re: Ear wax and ear plugs: bad combo
Date: Tue, 30 May 1995 00:17:04 GMT

In article <3qa7rs$> (Justin Parke) writes: wrote:

-: Well, if you have lots of hardened wax, you just get a couple of small nails...
-: Heat the heads a bit, then push them into the wax.  When the nails cool, you 
-: just pull them out with the wax plugs attached.  (makes a nice "pop" sound :-)

-I've always found safety pins to be both readily available and useful at 
-jabbing the harder wax from its lodging.  When your done the whole thing 
-comes out like an ear wax shishkabob.  :)

And to avoid any more trouble, once you've had your ears cleaned out,
leave a piece of string in each ear. The next lot of wax will attach
to it, and you simply pull it out. 

Works well in the nostrils too.