My VTR with Yoshimura RS-3 Zyclone oval slip-ons (MP3 version, 98KB)

The Norwegian DoD/no.alt.motorsykler Motorcycle Sound CD Project:

These sounds were recorded by Tom Cevro at the Norwegian DoD/no.alt.motorsykler Great Wild Boar BBQ 23. August '97 using a TASCAM DAT player and a stereo microphone:

My VTR Blasting Past the Video Camera (MP3 version, 187KB)

Motorcycle Trio Concert: VTR/Yoshimura RS-3, CBR600/Supertrapp, '86 VFR/4-1 Yoshimura (MP3 version, 825KB)


Thanks to Doug Smith for sending in these recordings of the VTR fitted with different exhaust systems:

Jardine Highmount (WAV 298KB) Jardine Highmount (MP3 270KB)
Staintunes (WAV 287KB) Staintunes (MP3 260KB)
Staintunes without baffles (WAV 242KB) Staintunes without baffles (MP3 220KB)
Stock system (WAV 297KB) Stock system (MP3 270KB)

A short video cut with Two Brothers exhaust sound from Mike (480KB MPEG).

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