Engine 90° V-Twin, 996cc, 4 valves per cyl, DOHC
Fuel System 2 X 48mm Keihin Carbs
Cooling Liquid
Compression 9.4:1
Power 110hp @ 9000rpm (Honda)
Torque 70.8ftlb @ 7000rpm (Honda)
Front Suspension 41mm Telescopic Forks
Rear Suspension Rising-Rate Monoshock
Front Tyre 120/70 X 17
Rear Tyre 180/55 X17
Front brakes (Nissin) 2 X 296mm Discs 4-Piston Calipers
Rear brakes (Nissin) 220mm Disc 2-Piston Caliper
Wheelbase 143cm (55.8in)
Dry Weight 192kg (423lb)
Seat Height 81cm (31.6in)


Fork Oil Change Procedure from Briggs Willoughby
Engine Features from NortonDctr@aol.com
Honda Shop Talk from Scott Hyndman

Success story of raising the rear of the bike using a 5mm spacer:

After having read about this mod in Performance Bikes and on the VTR-list I finally decided to try it out. My reason for doing this was to make the bike more flickable. As I have scraped the exhaust I did not want to loose any ground clearance and hence lowering the front was not an option for me.

I called my good friend Oddbjørn who works at a place with a machine shop and asked him if we could make a nice 5mm spacer that I could slide in place.

Raising the ride height on the VTR is easy enough:
Loosen the two front bolts holding the fuel tank and remove the rear fuel tank bolt so that you can lift the rear of the tank a little bit. Loosen the upper rear shock assy bracket nut (the one under the rubber thingy at the rear of the tank). Raise the front and rear end of the bike off the ground using a jack under the engine. Drop the swingarm assy loosening the upper rear shock assy bracket nut some more and slide your spacer around the bolt between the frame and the rear shock mounting bracket. Tighten the upper rear shock assy bracket nut and the bolts holding the tank. Check/adjust the slack of the chain (mine was resting on top of the exhaust pipe). You are now ready to go with your new more flickable VTR!

Have A Look Here For A Picture Of The First Home-Made Spacer
Here Is A Drawing With The Measurements Courtesy of Claes Watndal.

Stripped VTR

My VTR Dyno Tested, Take Two 1998 (With/Without Rejetting, Less Pessimistic Bench, 35KB JPEG)

My VTR Dyno Tested 1997 (Stock vs. Yoshimura RS-3 Slip-ons, No Rejetting, 191KB GIF)

Dyno-Charts from Jim Engel - Shimmed Needles (146KB GIF)

VTR/916/TL Power and Torque Graphs From Norwegian "Bike" Magazine (77KB GIF)

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