Curriculum Vitae

Picture of me
Name John Enok Vollestad
Year of birth 1973
City 0481 Oslo
Mobile phone +47 41 12 38 53
Maritial status Married, one daughter.
Drivers license B
Nationality Norwegian

Job Experience

Time Employer Category of Job
2005.7 - Norwegian Computing Center  IT manager

Position/title: IT manager


Network security and security in general. Economy by priority, planning and tracking expenses. General planning and followup on organizational needs. Setup and maintenance of early warning systems. Linux installation and maintenance.

2004.1 - 2005.6 Norwegian Computing Center  Acting IT manager

Position/title: IT manager


Network security and security in general. Economy by priority, planning and tracking expenses. General planning and followup on organizational needs. Setup and maintenance of early warning systems. Linux installation and maintenance.

2003.8 - 2004.1 Norwegian Computing Center  System responsible

Position/title: System administrator


Misc. system administration. Replacing Sun Solaris with Linux and planning and executing start of dividing the network into smaller sub-segments.

2002.6 - 2003.8 Vollestad Software  Consultant

Position/title: Manager, developer and system administrator


Misc. system administration including configuring and setting up software systems, and adaption and configuring backup and surveillance system.

Some software design.

2002.2 - 2002.6 Enonic  Migrating and setting up systems

Position/title: System configurator


Establishing the platform with configuration and documentation for running the main product of the firm. For this setup JBoss, Jetty, DB2, LDAP BRU and AWstats were used on the platform RedHat Linux.
Reference: Thomas Lund (+47 98 23 60 11) - Development director

2000.6 - 2001.8 Enonic  Development and Adaption

Position/title: Developer


Developed and adapted solutions for webmail with ldap authentication. Developed system for automatic creation and configuration of apache web sites. Used PHP, Perl, Java and Linux.
Reference: Thomas Lund (+47 98 23 60 11) - Development director
Attest: page1.

1999.6 - 2000.6 University of Oslo  System administration, user guidance

Stilling/tittel: System engineer


Providing network access and supporting university students.
Reference: Jan Sigurd Refvik (+47 22 85 29 73) - Senior engineer
Attest: page1.

1999.2 - 1999.6 University of Oslo  Teaching, University

Position/title: Teaching assistant


Educating and aiding 40 students in a database theory course by exercises and correcting their mandatory assignments.

1995.7 - 1997.7 Sambandsbattaljonen / Div6  System Administration

Position/title: Area manager, Technician, Second Lieutenant


Responsible for system administration and development of Setermoen Garrison infrastructure, hardware and software - databases and local systems.
Reference: Tore Foshaug (+47 77 89 57 04) - leader of the EDB section.
Attest: page1, page2. More descriptive attest: page1, page2.

1994.7 - 1995.7 Sambandskompaniet / Div6 System administration

Position/title: Technician / Sergeant


System administration including infrastructure, hardware and software with databases.
Reference: Tore Foshaug (+47 77 89 57 04) - Leader of the EDB section
Attest: 1995 page1, page2. 1996 page1, page2.

1993.10 - 1994.3 Lillehammer Olympic Organisational Committee  Installation - hardware, software

Position/title: Technical personnel


Setting up computer equipment by installing hardware and software. Transported the equipment to the different arenas.
Attest: page1,


Time Degree School Subject
1999.8 - 2002.12  Cand.scient. University of Oslo Informatics 

Thesis: "A high performance cluster file system using SCI". Adapted a parallel filesystem (PVFS) to use a higher bandwidth network than Ethernet and evaluated bottlenecks in the system. Grade 1.7. 1.0=best, >4.0=fail
Courses: Open Distributed Systems, Modeling with objects, Parallel Programming and Operating Systems, Modern Database Systems.
Reference: Knut Omang (+47 48 01 12 17) - tutor
Certificates: Courses, page1, page2, page3, Certificate. Diploma Supplement: page1, page2

1997.8 - 2000.2 Cand.mag.  University of Oslo  Informatics 

Courses: Algorithms and Data Structures, Software and Hardware, Programming Languages, Database Theory, Development of Large Software Systems, Data Communiction, Basic course in Mathematics, Finite Mathematics, Organizational Psychology: Cooperation and leadership, Law for Realists. Average grade of the informatics courses: 2.23
Certificate: Candidatus Magisterii, page1, page2, description,

1996.9 - 1997.5   University of Tromsø  Exphil 

Evening courses while working.
Certificate: page1.

1994.8 - 1996.6   Tromsø University College Informatics 

Basic courses: Algorithms and Data Structures with Project handling. Evening courses while working.
Certificate: page1, page2,

1991.7 - 1994.6 Technician, Sergeant and Sys. Admin for Unix & PC  HTFS/E Hærens Samband, Technical College and Officer Candidate shcool, Jørstadmoen  Informatics, Electronics, Military 

System Administration: Data communication, data security and System Administration - unix systems (Targon OS), databases (Oracle), PC (Windows).
Certificate: page1, page2.

Technical College: Low voltage technician focusing on radio, antenna and other communication equipment. Simultaneous with military education.
Certificate: page1, page2.

Officer Candidate school: Leadership, radio and communication service, physical training.
Certificate: page1, page2.
Ranking: page1.



Norwegian, English

Personal attitude

Im outgoing and enjoy working in teams. Have twice been a professional and administrative assistant in the introductory course for new students at department of informatics.

Have been members of these student unions: Cybernetisk Selskab, OSI Dance (dancing salsa mostly), OSI-US (off road bicycling), OSI swimming and Norwegian Shogi (Japanese chess). During social evenings at the department of Informatics (/local/pub) I have been helping make ready and tidying afterword and serving in the bar.

I have earlier been exercise regulary with friends. Dancing, swimming, jogging, bicycling and lifting weights. Lately this have been reduced in favour to work and family.

At home I am using both Windows and Linux. Started using Linux around 1995. I am also happily married with a lovely woman :-)


Knowledge/other courses

1.5 years of programming experience in C. A couple of months experience with PHP. Have made some smaller things (<2K lines) in Perl, Java and shell scripts. Have also programmed in Assembler (6502, 8086 and Mips 2000), C++, ML, Prolog, Simula, Smalltalk-80 and SQL. Have modeling experience in UML and ER. Used XML, XSL and XSLT.
"A-kurs" for exercise instructors.
Introductory course to FDN - The phone system of the Norwegian Defence.
Database administration v.6 - Part I (Oracle)
Extended theoretical and practical teaching of Windows for workgroups 3.11
RM400 system administration. - A server with Sinix (unix)