3rd DNVA-RSE Norway-Scotland Waves Symposium, Oslo 16-17 September 2013

Chairs: J. Grue (Oslo), P.A. Davies (Dundee).

Planning Group: J. Grue, P.A. Davies, M.E. Inall, G.K. Pedersen, A. Jensen, K. Trulsen, M. Mortensen, J. H. Lacasce, J.E. Weber.

Local Organizing Group: J. Grue, A. Jensen, K. Trulsen, J.E. Weber, J. Kolås, A. Simanesew.

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Hosted under the auspices of the bilateral agreement between: The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters (DNVA) and The Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE)

Sponsors: DNVA, RSE, The Research Council of Norway, Småforsk, Telford Institute, MASTS, Univ. of Oslo, Univ. of Dundee

The symposium program consists of 34 invited plenary lectures, on: ocean surface waves, tsunamis from slides and internal waves, with most talks on the latter subject. The talks cover nonlinear theories, numerical calculations, results from field work and laboratory experiments.

List of Participants (pdf)

Program (pdf)

Monday 16 September

830 Coffee. Registration

900-910 J. Grue: Welcome and opening remarks

Session 1. Chair: J. Grue
910-930: J. E. Weber, K. H. Christensen and G. Brostrøm and (Norway/Sweden): Stokes drift in internal equatorial Kelvin waves; continuous stratification versus two-layer models.
930-950 D. G. Dritschel, S. E. King and M. Carr (UK): New advances in the simulation of 2D stratified flows.
950-1010 A. Ali and H. Kalisch (Norway): Reconstruction of the Pressure Field in Boussinesq Models with Vorticity.
1010-1020 Discussion

1020-1040 Break

Session 2. Chair: P. A. Davies
1040-1100 L. Boegman, P. Aghsaee and A. Dorostkar (Canada): Multiscale research on 3D dynamics of nonlinear internal wave and topography interaction.
1100-1120 M. Stastna (Canada): Internal wave boundary layer interaction: two novel mechanisms for instability.
1120-1140 J. Verschaeve, G. K. Pedersen, E. K. Lindstrø m (Norway): Scale effects and stability of viscous boundary layers in wave tank experiments.
1140-1150 Dicussion

1150-1200 Short break

Session 3. Chair: G. K. Pedersen
1200-1220 H. M. Fritz, B. C. McFall and F. Mohammed (USA): Three-dimensional physical modeling of granular landslide tsunami generation in various scenarios.
1220-1240 N. Pujara and P. L.-F. Liu (USA): Direct measurements of bottom shear stress and runup induced by solitary waves.
1240-1250 Discussion

1250-1340 Lunch

Session 4. Chair: A. Jensen
1350-1410 B. Gjevik, S. Bondevik and M. B. Sørensen (Norway): Seiches in Norwegian fjords generated by distant earthquakes.
1410-1430 C. B. Harbitz, G. K. Pedersen and S. Glimsdal (Norway): Åkerneset, the threat from an unstable rockslope in Storfjorden, Western Norway. A review of research and civil protection issues.
1430-1450 E. K. Lindstrøm, A. Jensen, G. K. Pedersen and S. Glimsdal (Norway): Experiments on tsunamis generated by a block-slde in an 1 in 500 fjord model.
1450-1500 Discussion

1500-1530 Break

Session 5. Chair: R. H. Grimshaw
1530-1550 M. Carr, P. A. Davies and R. Hoebers (UK/The Netherlands): Experiments on the structure and stability of mode 2 internal solitary-like waves.
1550-1610 A. Brandt and K. R. Shipley (USA): Mass transport by large and very-large amplitude mode-2 internal solitary waves: experimental observations.
1610-1630 M. Palmer (UK): Does differing internal wave forcing drive variable behaviour in pycnocline mixing?
1630-1650 P. J. Diamessis and S. Wunsch (USA): Nonlinear generation of harmonics through the interaction of an internal wave beam with a model oceanic pycnocline.
1650-1700 Discussion

1700-1730 Break

Session 6. Chair. J. H. Lacasce
1730-1750 G. Ivey (Australia): Internal tides on the Australian North West Shelf: from generation to breaking.
1750-1810 N. Stashchuk, V. Vlasenko and M. E. Inall (UK): Three dimensional dynamics of baroclinic tides in the Celtic Sea on the results of in-situ observations and numerical modelling.
1810-1830 D. L. Aleynik and M. E. Inall (UK): Internal waves generation and decay in Celtic Sea.
1830-1850 M. E. Inall, M. Porter, E. Dumont, D. Aleynik, T. Sherwin and D. Smeed (UK): How well do autonomous gliders capture the internal tide?
1850-1900 Discussion

1900 Tore Magnus Taklo: Trumpet Fanfare

1905 Drinks

1930 Dinner in the Academy

Tuesday 17 September

830 Coffee

Session 7. Chair: K. Trulsen
900-920 T. M. Taklo, K. Trulsen, O. Gramstad, H. E. Krogstad and A. Jensen (Norway): Direct measurement of dispersion relation for random surface gravity waves on deep water.
920-940 Ch. Kharif and R. Thomas (France): Modulated surface gravity waves on water of finite depth with constant vorticity.
940-1000 A. Lohrmann (Norway): Ocean Wave Measurements with Coherent Marine Radars using VV Polarization.
1000-1010 Discussion

1010-1025 Break

Session 8. Chair: Ch. Kharif
1025-1045 J. Berntsen, I. Darelius and H. Avlesen (Norway): Mixing in rotating and non-rotating lock release gravity currents down canyons.
1045-1105 A. Dale. M. E. Inall, C. Griffiths, V. Ivanov and T. Boyd (UK): The Loch Linnhe freshwater bore.
1105-1125 I.-C. Chan and P. L.-F. Liu (USA): Runup of interfacial waves on a plane beach.
1125-1135 Discussion

1135-1150 Break

Session 9. Chair: M. Inall
1150-1210 S. Falahat, J. Nycander and F. Roquet (Sweden): Comparison of computed internal tides to observed dissipation.
1210-1230 V. Vlasenko, C. Guo and N. Stashchuk (UK): A and B-type internal solitary waves in the northern South China Sea.
1230-1250 G. Jeans (UK): The application of internal wave physics to offshore engineering.
1250-1300 Discussion

1300-1345 Lunch

Session 10. Chair: G. Ivey
1350-1410 H. van Haren (The Netherlands): Energy release through internal wave breaking.
1410-1430 I. Fer, J. D. Guthrie and J. H. Morison (Norway/USA): Internal waves and mixing in the Arctic Ocean.
1430-1450 A. Stålstrøm, L. Arneborg, B. Liljebladh and G. Brostrøm (Norway/Sweden): Observations of turbulence caused by a combination of tides and baroclinic mean pressure gradients over a fjord sill.
1450-1500 Discussion

1500-1515 Break

Session 11. Chair: J. Nycander
1515-1535 R. H. Grimshaw, K. Helfrich, C. Guo and V. Vlasenko (UK/USA): The combined effect of rotation and variable depth on internal solitary waves.
1535-1555 A. Rabitti, L. R. M. Maas, H. van Haren and T. Gerkema (The Netherlands): Internal waves and Equatorial Ocean dynamics.
1555-1615 J. Grue (Norway): Generation of interfacial large amplitude waves at topography in three dimensions. New computations.
1615-1625 Discussion

1625 Concluding remarks

1630 Adjourn