John E. Tibballs

Metals science, diffraction physics, thermodynamics

Centre for Materials Science , University of Oslo,
Gaustadalleen 21, 0349 Oslo, Norway
Phone: (+47) 22 84 06 83 (office) ; (+47) 22 52 32 74 (home) Fax: (+47) 22 84 06 51

Senior scientist at NIOM (The Scandinavian Institute for Dental Materials)
Phone: (+47) 67 51 22 10 (Mondays and Wednesdays) e-mail:

Teaching Spring term 2003: MVT 201 Materialteknikk (Materials techniques)

Consultancy Foretaknr (Business registration no.) NO 982 771 714:

Research Interests:

Recent Publications:

Dimensional change following setting of root canal sealer materials;
with D. Orstavik and I. Nordahl (NIOM)
DENTAL MATERIALS 17(6), 512-519 (2001)

Precipitation of alpha-Al(Fe,Mn)Si from the melt;
with J.A. Horst and C.J. Simensen (SINTEF)
Journal of Materials Science 36(4), 937-941 (2001)

Other interests

Kontakt for øvre Lysakerelva i Oslo Elveforum
Tar gjerne i mot meldinger om godt og mindre godt langs elven fra Fåbro til Osdammen ved Bogstadvannet
Current project: Registration and surveying of the ruins from mills along the river.

The Geography of Lysakerelva - A guide to the river on Oslo's western boundary is also available as a 24 page booklet, price kr.20 (+ kr.8.50 postage in Norway)

Lysejordet skoles musikkorps - the school band for which I am curator of sheet music
Current project: Maintaining a catalogue of the band's collection of 300+ sets of sheet music