My name is Jon Alm Eriksen; welcome to my homepage.

I am currently a post-doc at NORMENT, where I work on characterizing geno-/phenotype mapping in human traits, focusing on polygenic effects related to neuropsychiatric disorders. This work involves statistical analysis on large amounts of data. My academic interests also include non-linear dynamics, statistical mechanics and complex systems. Needless to say, I'm generally into statistics, physics and computer related stuff.

I have PhD in physics from UiO, where i did research on pattern formation and dynamical properties of granular fluids with Prof. Eirik Flekkøy and Prof. Knut Jørgen Måløy. My PhD included a one year resarch project at Ruben Juanes Group at MIT, and a one year visit to ÉOST in Strasbourg, where I worked with Renaud Toussaint. I also worked in close collaboration with Bjørnar Sandnes at Swansea University.

I have a BSc and a MSc in physics from NTNU. The MSc involved coursework at UC Berkeley, and a research project at SINP in Calcutta with Prof. Bikas Chakrabarti.

See my profile at LinkedIn or flickr. You can contact me at: jon.alm.eriksen (at)

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