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Guitar Amplifiers

Soldano SLO-100 Clone

My first electronics project at high school was a Soldano SLO-100 Clone. It cost me around 12000NOK to build with custom transformers. Worked great for several years, is now in parts can’t remember why.

Snerk 50

The dirty stage is loosely based on the Bogner Ecstasy, Effect loop is based on the Mesa boogie dual rectifier with a normal styled Marshall output stage.


FW-305 bass reflex box

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Record Players

I have always loved record players. Me and my mum used to drive around the county attending different flea markets, in hopes of scoring old record players. I tried to fix them, but I did more harm than good.

Denon DP-50F

The Denon Direct drive automatic record player DP-50F was relased in 1978, costing 98,000 yen with plywood plinth. The player is a real marvel at least for someone interested analog control technology. The Denon Museum is full of techspec and information Imported from Japan, i have Recaped it with nichicon audio caps, and it is all greased up. In almost perfect working condition however, the stop point for the tone arm drifts with temperature. Yes, I know that one cannot sonically improve a record player by changing caps in the speed regulator circuit. However, they are gold and just look splendid! Thus easily worth the extra 10 cents. You can get a manual for the DP-40F, from It’s basically the same internals.

Yamaha YP-D9

The yamaha YP-D9 was realased in japan only. The plint is made out of particle board. I’m waiting for mine to arrive from Japan...