Half-Life 2 SMD Importer for Blender (2.44 - 2.49b)

Half-Life 2 SMD Importer is a Python script that imports Valve's SMD files into Blender. SMD files can contain mesh, bones and animations. SMD files are not the files used in the Source engine, but more like a temporary format you save your model in before exporting to the final MDL-format.

This is not the first SMD import script for Blender: Michael Fuller wrote a script for Blender 2.3x, but it stopped working in 2.4x due to changes in the Blender Python API. Therefore, I wrote a new script that works for Blender 2.44 - 2.49b.

Alyx' face (wire) Alyx' armature


The first released version of this script is written be me (Jon Moen Drange) back in the summer of 2007. It did not support animations.

David Glass contacted me during the summer 2010, because he needed to import animations for a project he was working on. Since I didn't plan on implementing it anytime soon, he did it himself. The animation support is therefore entirely his work!


From Valve developer wiki: "[bone ID] [weight] will be looped at the end of each vertex [# of links] times. If the weights don't add up to 1.0 the rest will be assigned to the [Parent] bone. Same if no [# of link] is defined or if it is 0. Each triangle contains 3 vertex records." This was not correctly implemented. Now updated and fixed. (Discovered by "xz64")

An error with lineendings in linux was found and corrected. (by J. Stake)

A bone rotation issue was discovered and corrected. (by David Glass)

Added support for animations. (by David Glass)

Found any bugs? Please send me an email.


This ZIP-file contains 3 script files. import_static_smd.py and import_anim_smd.py are the import scripts. They should be put in the scripts directory where Blender is installed. findimages.py is a ordinary python script that might help you finding the names of the textures used in the SMD file (just a small handy script). You need to have Python installed to use findimages.py.

There are no SMD files in the ZIP file. The script requires Blender 2.44 - 2.49b to run. Please read the README file for instruction on how to import animations.

Download SMD Importer

Please do not copy or reuse any of the content on this page without my permission, except for the SMD Importer script itself, which you may download, copy, modify and redistribute freely. The Alyx model is property of Valve Corporation. Do not ask me to share this model or any other model from Half-Life 2 with you, because I will not.

Copyright (C) 2010 Jon Moen Drange (mesh importer) & David Glass (animation importer)
e-mail: jondrange [NOSPAM AT] gmail.com