Synaptic neurochemistry laboratory
- energy supply, and synthesis, recycling, packaging and action of neuro- and gliotransmitters


Linda H. Bergersen Acting Group Leader, Associate Professor (Seniorforsker)

Vidar Gundersen Associate Professor (Seniorforsker), Overlege Rikshospitalet

Jon Storm-Mathisen Founding Group Leader, Co-Director CMBN, Professor

Anna Torbjørg Bore Senior Engineer


Linda1m-utsn-h.jpgBrain and muscle energy: Linda Bergersen group

Linda H. Bergersen PhD - Head

Johanne Egge Rinholm PhD Student

Tirill Medin PhD Student

Cheng Chang PhD Student (exchange Henan, China)

Fredrik Lauritzen PhD Student

Christine Regnell MSc


vidar 240406.jpgNeuro- and gliotransmitters: Vidar Gundersen group

Vidar Gundersen MD PhD - Head

Max D. Larsson Postdoc

Cecilie Morland PhD Student

Lasse Ormel MD PhD Student

Lars Krogh Berg Forskerlinje-student

Kaja Nordengen Forskerlinje-student

Mats Julius Stensrud Forskerline-student

Christoph Heuser Med Stud (exchange Bonn, Germany)



Associated Biotek group

Head Farrukh A. Chaudhry MD PhD


Associated SME researcher

Head Runhild Gammelsæter PhD



Vacant student research projects  -  Invitation to medial and science students to join us

Tailored projects available, please contact Bergersen (22851496; 97014675), Gundersen (22851496; 97032049), and/or Storm-Mathisen (22851258; 97193044)



Some earlier research achievements


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