3 - 5 December 2012
University of Oslo, Norway

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Flights to Oslo take you to the main airport Gardermoen or to the smaller airports Torp and Rygge, that are served by all major European airlines, especially Scandinavian, Norwegian and Ryanair. There are train and bus connections from all the airports to central Oslo.

There are also train connections from Sweden and Denmark, as well as ferry lines from Denmark and Germany.



A special offer is available at Thon Hotell Ullevål Stadion which is located close to the conference venue. To get the special offer you need to call the hotel on phone +47 22 02 80 00, and tell them that you attend the Passwords^12 conference with the special offer code 561742.

Most speakers & foreign guests will be staying at that Thon Ullevål Stadion Hotel. There is a direct airport shuttle bus service from Gardermoen airport to the hotel. You can also catch the Airport Express train from Gardermoen airport, get off at the National Theatre, from where there are several transportation options to the hotel, such as taxi, bus or T-train. The cheapest (and easiest) is to catch the T-train (line 3, 4 or 6), and get off at Ullevål station, which is the next stop after Forskningsparken station where the conference venue is.

Thon Ullevål Thon Hotel Ullevåll Stadion
Sognsveien 77C
0855 Oslo



The conference takes place in Ole-Johan Dahls (OJD) House, home of the Department of Informatics at the University of Oslo. The nearest tramway and T-train stop is Forskninsparken station (Research Park Station). A Ticket costs kr.30 (US$ 6), the gray vending machines take credit cards.

OJD House Street address:
OJD House
Department of Informatics
Gaustadalléen 23b,
0371 Oslo.

From central Oslo to the venue of Passwords^12 you can go by T-train, line 3, 4 or 6 westbound from Oslo Central Station, from Stortinget (Parliament) Station or from Nationaltheatret Station, and then get off at Forskningsparken station. From central Oslo you can also ride the tramway line 17 or 18 to Forskningsparken, the tramway stop is right under the T-train bridge.

From Thon Hotel Ullevål Stadion, take the T-train line 3, 4 or 6 from Ullevål station in direction central Oslo, just one stop, to Forskningsparken station. You can also walk, it only takes 15 minutes from the hotel to OJD House, see the blue line on the map of the area around OJD House.

OJD House, the Department of Informatics, is adjacent to Forskningsparken T-train station and tramway stop. The North-end entrance is through the revolving doors in the passage through the building. The main entrance at the South-end is between OJD House and Kristen Nygaards House (cite of the Norwegian Computing Center), right under the footbridge between the two buildings.

Check the Oslo weather.

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