Morten Fjeld

UiO Seminar

Time: 12:15h, Monday 28 March 2011

Place: DESIGN Meeting Room (7166, 7th floor), IfI, UiO

TITLE: Tangible and Tabletop Interaction: Software and Usability Aspects


At the t2i Lab at Chalmers, we are expanding the boundaries of interactive technology. We do this primarily by constructing Tangible User Interfaces (TUIs) and tabletop, large-display User Interfaces (UI). These can be used in creative problem solving, collaborative work, and science education. Fields of knowledge at the t2i Lab include software (SW) for multimodal UIs, sensors and actuators, hardware (HW) design, vision-based tracking, and user studies. Further areas of investigation are six-degrees-of-freedom (6DOF) UIs and cognitive-perceptual issues.

Presentation slides: pdf

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Morten Fjeld, Chalmer's University


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