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The opinion triangle provides a geometric visualization of binomial opinions. The opinion point denoted ω and the base rate denoted a in the triangle represent the opinion parameters in the blue box.

The opinion point and base rate in the triangle are directly mapped to the Beta PDF (Probability Density Function) which represents an interpretation of opinions in classical statistical terms. The explicit representation of base rate in the triangle on the left makes the opinion triangle a richer representation than the Beta PDF on the right which does not show the base rate directly, hence there is no unique mapping from Beta PDFs on the right to the triangle representation on the left. The grid behind the opinion triangle defines areas of subjective probability, which is verbally expressed in terms of qualitative likelihood and confidence at the bottom of the blue box.

Left-click and drag the opinion point ω and the base rate a on the triangle, and see the corresponding opinion parameters in the blue box, as well as the corresponding Beta PDF. The components of an opinion are described in the Subjective Logic Demo and in the Wikipedia page for subjective logic.

JavaScript design by Gaëtan Bouguier. Original design concept by Shane Hird and Simon Pope. Credit to Matt Roughan for the PDF-plotter code.

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Last updated: 15 August 2017.