Juan Antonio Leñero-Bardallo, PhD



Juan A. Leñero-Bardallo received the degree in Telecommunication Engineering at the University of Seville in 2005. During the last year of his studies he worked as a research assistant at the department of Signal Theory at the University of Seville. After graduating, he joined the Seville Microelectronics Center (IMSE) in September 2005, as a PhD student. During that time, he was involved with several National and European projects related to vision systems and neuromorphic engineering. He pursued his PhD degree in 2010.

In September 2010, he started working at Yale University (USA), where he was a Postdoctoral Associate during 6 months. During this time he developed smart vision sensors capable of transmit their information wirelessly using UWB outputs. Since March 2011, he served as a Postdoc at the Department of Informatics of the University of Oslo (UiO). Here, he developed the first AER vision sensor capable of generating RGB images without using RGB filters to detect colour information. He also was the coordinator of the Neuromorphic Electronics (INF5470) course at UiO during two years. Since July 2013 to March 2013, he worked as a researcher at the Department of Electronics and Electromagnetism at the University of Seville. In March 2013, he moved to Chronocam Inc to work as a senior analog engineer.

Since September 2016, he is 'Profesor Ayudante Doctor' at the University of Cádiz where he teaches and coordinates several subjects. In parallel to his research activity, he supervises master and PhD dissertations. He has also taught in three different faculties. He coordinated the course 'Neuromorphic Electronics' during one academic year at the University of Oslo (Norway). Currently he is the responsible of the course 'Electronics' in the bachelor in Industrial Engineering of the University of Cádiz.

Dr. Leñero-Bardallo has published more than 40 peer to peer reviewed publications, and written two books. Since 2012, he is a member of the IEEE Sensory Systems Committee. He has served as a Review Committee Member several times in international conferences. In parallel to his research activity, he has strong collaborations with the microelectronics industry.

Dr Leñero-Bardallo is convinced of the necessity of developing devices and sensors that can be transferred to the market. In that sense, he has participated in research projects with Anafocus (www.anafocus.com). He also worked as a senior analog engineer for Chronocam (www.chronocam.com).