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- Current research projects (with details)

- List of research projects
- PhD and student projects

List of research projects (ongoing and completed)

Projects marked with * were completed at the Department of Geography, University of Zurich or at the VAW/ETH Zurich

Remote sensing and photogrammetry techniques
  • Analytical photogrammetry for terrain displacement measurements *
  • Digital photogrammetry for terrain displacement measurements
  • Digital elevation models and terrain displacements from satellite optical stereo
Satellite-based remote sensing of the Earth's cryosphere
  • The TerraSAR-X instrument for monitoring of glaciers and related hazards (DLR-project)
  • The CryoSat SIRAL instrument for monitoring of mountain glaciers and related hazards (ESA project) (launch failure)
  • The new satellite-based Swiss Glacier Inventory 2000 (SNF-project) *
  • Global Land Ice Measurements from Space (GLIMS)
Glacier- and permafrost-related hazards
  • Analysis of glacier hazard potentials using remote sensing and GIS (SNF-project) *
  • Working group on "Glacier and Permafrost Hazards in Mountains" by CCS and IPA
  • Hazard and disaster assessment studies for local, national and international authorities and institutions:
    • Glacier lake outbursts at Gruben, Valais, Swiss Alps *
    • Ice avalanches at Eiger, Berne, Swiss Alps *
    • Debris flows at Schafberg/Pontresina, Grisons, Swiss Alps *
    • The 20 September 2002 rock/ice avalanche at Kolka/Karmadon, North Ossetia, Russian Caucasus
    • Ice avalanches, lake outbursts and glacier surge at Monte Rosa/Macugnaga, Italian Alps
Glacier, rockglacier and landslide dynamics
  • Kinematics of glaciers using air- and spaceborne remote sensing
    • Gruben Glacier, Swiss Alps *
    • Gries Glacier, Swiss Alps *
    • Belvedere Glacier, Italian Alps
    • Tasman Glacier, New Zealand
    • Kronebreen, Svalbard
    • Luana, Bhutan, Himalayas *
  • Kinematics of rockglaciers using air- and spaceborne remote sensing
    • Gruben rockglacier, Swiss Alps *
    • Muragl rockglacier, Swiss Alps *
    • Murtel rockglacier, Swiss Alps *
    • Suvretta rockglacier, Swiss Alps *
    • Schafberg rockglacier, Swiss Alps *
    • Gufer rockglacier, Swiss Alps *
    • Brøgger and Nordenskiöld rockglaciers, Svalbard
    • Trais Fluors, Swiss Alps *
  • Kinematics of landslides using air- and spaceborne remote sensing
    • Rock mass movement at Aletsch Glacier, Swiss Alps
    • Rock mass movement at Findelen Glacier, Swiss Alps
  • Rockglacier reaction to increase in ground temperature
Kinematic modelling of glacier flow and mass balance
  • Gruben Glacier, Swiss Alps *
  • Gries Glacier, Swiss Alps *
Glacial and periglacial lakes
  • Formation processes of ice-marginal, supraglacial and thermokarst lakes
    • Gruben, Swiss Alps *
    • Blevedere Glacier, Italian Alps
Web- and computer-based teaching; computer visualisation
  • E-learning lessons on
    • photogrammetry and remote sensing of natural hazards *
    • ice avalanches *
    • glacier floods *
  • Dynamic visualisation of high-mountain processes *

PhD and student projects (ongoing and completed)

A PDF-version is available for most volumes upon request. UiO students and employees might also borrow hardcopies.


PhD projects

  1. Offset tracking on repeat SAR images. Thomas Schellenberger. University of Oslo
  2. Frequency domain matching of repeat images for glacier movement. Torborg Haug. 2012. University of Oslo.
  3. Remote sensing of trace elements in glacial environments. Kimberly Casey. 2011. University of Oslo.
  4. Image matching for glacial displacements and slope instabilities. Misganu Debella-Gilo. 2012. University of Oslo.
  5. Fusion of SAR and optical data in glacial environments. Nora Schneevoigt. University of Oslo
  6. Mass balance of Austfonna, Svalbard, from space. Geir Moholt. University of Oslo. 2011. (Co-supervision)
  7. Monitoring and modelling mass balance of Svalbard glaciers. Chris Nuth. 2011. University of Oslo. (Co-supervision)
  8. Reconstruction of glaciation extends on Svalbard. Endre Før Gjermundsen. UNIS. (Co-supervision)
  9. Remote sensing and modelling of soil moisture availability in Sudan. Majduline El Tahir. University of Oslo. (Co-supervision).
  10. Slope Instabilities in perennially frozen and glacierised rock walls: multi-scale observations, analyses and modelling. Luzia Fischer. 2009. University of Zurich. (Co-supervsion).
  11. Rockglacier kinematics in the Turtmann valley, Swiss Alps. Isabella Roer. 2005. University of Bonn. (Supervision together with R. Dikau)
  12. Assessment of glacial and periglacial hazards by remote sensing and GIS. Christian Huggel. 2004. University of Zurich.
  13. The new Swiss glacier inventory. Application of remote sensing and GIS. Frank Paul. 2003. University of Zurich.


Diploma/master theses

  1. Photoclinometry. Bas Altena. TU Delft
  2. Slope stabilities under difficult topographic and climatic conditions from ALOS PALSAR interferometry. Kristine Ekseth. University of Oslo. 
  3. Airborne laserscanning and hyperspectral data of archeological sites. Ingeborg Meyer. University of Oslo.
  4. Persistent scatterer radar interferometry of slope instabilities in Norway and Iceland. Tormud Urke. University of Oslo.
  5. Combination and validation of snow cover models using satellite remote sensing. Aileen Henriksen. University of Oslo. 
  6. Assimilation of remotely sensed snow cover data in high resolution hydrological models. Rune Tollefsrud. University of Oslo.
  7. Assessment of glacier DTMs from ALOS PRISM. Bas Altena. Universities Oslo and Utrecht. 2009.
  8. Assessment of correlation algorithms and development of anexperimental software for measuring glacier displacements from repeat imagery. Jonas Karstensen. University of Oslo. 2009.
  9. Classification of ice-rich permafrost based on ASTER data and topographic parameters. Rune Tollefsrud. University of Oslo. 2009
  10. Species identification of individual trees in Norway by high resolution hyperspectral imagery. Asgeir Ellingsgård. University of Oslo. 2009.
  11. Satellite-based remote sensing of ice avalanche hazards in Southern Norway. Jon Endre Hausberg. University of Oslo. 2008
  12. Monitoring of glacier changes in the Wang Chu catchment (Bhutan) for 1974-2000. Iris Sossna. University of Jena. 2008
  13. Mapping moraines and glaciers using multispectral imageryand ancillary elevation data : an approach for Svalbard, Norwegian Arctic. Jonathan Teuchert. University of Oslo, UNIS. 2007
  14. Recent changes in glacier area in the Central Southern Alps, New Zealand. Endre Før Gjermundsen. University of Oslo. 2007 (Co-supervsion)
  15. Modelling potential debris flows on soil covered catchmentareas along the Upper Chama River Basin, Northwestern Venezuela. Rengifo Ortega. University of Oslo. 2007
  16. Construction of a glaciological/geomorphological GIS based on remote sensing data. Russian Caucasus. Kostia Schmutz. University of Zurich. 2005. (Supervision together with C. Huggel). In German.
  17. Modelling of lahar hazard potentials in Mexico using remote sensing and GIS. Demian Schneider. University of Zurich. 2005. (Supervision together with H. Delgado and C. Huggel)
  18. Modelling of glacier and permafrost hazard potentials from ASTER and Landsat ETM data. Tadjikistan. Samuel Guex. University of Zurich. 2005. In German.
  19. GIS modelling of ice- and rock-avalanches and debris flows. Stefan Schläfli. University of Zurich. 2005. (Supervision together with R. Purves and C. Huggel). In German.
  20. Dynamics of paraglacial rock mass movements. Great Aletsch glacier, Swiss Alps. Mirjam Friedli. University of Zurich. 2004. (Supervision together with T. Kurosch). In German.
  21. Rock slope instabilities in the Monte Rosa east face and at Belvedere Glacier, Italy. Luzia Fischer. ETH Zurich. 2004. In German.
  22. Combination of ASTER- und SRTM-DEMs for the assessment of natural hazards in the Pamir Tadjikistan. Y. Weidmann, FHBB Muttenz, Basle. 2004. (Supervision together with S. Nebiker). In German.
  23. Geomorphological GIS, Upper Engadine. Regina Koch. University of Zurich. 2003. (Supervision together with M. Maisch). In German.
  24. ASTER satellite data for automatic generation of DEMs in high mountains. Mt. Everest region. Susanne Zollinger. University of Zurich. 2003. In German.
  25. Assessment of glacier hazards based on ASTER data and GIS. Cordillera Blanca, Peru. Ines Machguth. University of Zurich. Deceased. (Supervision together with C. Huggel). In German.
  26. Micro-topography of rock glaciers. Monika Weber. University of Zurich. 2003. In German.
  27. Permafrost dynamics in the Turtmann valley, Swiss Alps. Kirsten von Elverfeldt. University of Bonn, Germany. 2002. (Supervision together with R. Dikau). In German.
  28. Geomorphometric applications of remote sensing and GIS in glaciology and geomorphology. Dorethea Stumm. University of Zurich. 2002. (Supervision together with M. Hoelzle). In German.
  29. Remote sensing and GIS-based modelling of ice avalanche hazard potentials. Nadine Salzmann. University of Zurich. 2002. (Supervision together with B. Allgöwer). In German.
  30. Combination of digital photogrammetry and GIS with social science. A investigation in the buffer zone of the Khaptad National Park, Nepal. Kalin Müller. University of Zurich. 2002. (Supervision together with U. Müller-Böker and M. Kollmair). In German.
  31. GIS-modelling of glacial and periglacial mass transport. Michael Zemp. University of Zurich. 2002. (Supervision together with M. Hoelzle). In German.
  32. Permafrost in a debris slope at Flüelapass, Swiss Alps. Martin Lerjen. University of Zurich. 2001. (Supervision together with M. Hoelzle and B. Krummenacher). In German.
  33. Mapping and modelling of debris flows using GIS. Sonja Oswald. ETH Zurich. 2001. In German.
  34. Visualisation of glacial and periglacial processes. Ramona Winter. Technical University Dresden, Germany. 2001. (Supervision together with M. Buchroithner). In German.
  35. Geomorphological mapping using GIS. Christine Rothenbühler. University of Zurich. 2000. (Supervision together with M. Maisch). In German.
  36. A cirque glacier and its forefield. Glaciological, geomorphological, geophysical and remote sensing studies. Michael Fuchs and Andreas Huwiler. ETH Zurich. 1999. (Supervision together with W. Haeberli, D. Vonder Mühll and M. Funk). In German.
  37. Creeping mountain permafrost: displacement measurement by digital photogrammetry. Markus Vollmer. University of Zurich. 1999. In German.
  38. Analysis of periglacial lakes from aerial and satellite imagery. Christian Huggel. University of Zurich. 1998. (Supervision together with T. Kellenberger). In German.
  39. Modelling vegetation boundaries in high mountains. Renato Bordoni. University of Zurich. 1998. (Supervision together with B. Allgöwer and M. Hoelzle). In German.