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¤ Associate Professor position at Department of Geosciences (1st January 2011) ¤
I have a new position as Associate Professor at the Department of Geosciences, University of Oslo
Ill work in the Environmental Geology and Hydrology Group and will continue to collaborate with colleagues and students at PGP

¤ 'CRUSH' - an interactive sound art installation (January 2010) ¤
Natasha Barrett (composer and sound artist) creates an interactive sound installation 'CRUSH' exploring the microscopic forces released during rock crushing. The work focusses on numerical simulations of fault gouge evolution and rock deformation experiments of scientific collaborators: Karen Mair (PGP, Oslo), Steffen Abe (Aachen) and Alexandre Schubnel (CNRS/ENS Paris). The installation 'CRUSH' was presented during the Nordic Geological Winter meeting 11-13 January 2010, Oslo, Norway.

¤ GRL paper on gouge fragment shape and friction - published (December 2009) ¤
Abe, S. and Mair, K., Effects of gouge fragment shape on fault friction: New 3D modelling results, Geophysical Research Letters, Vol 36, L23302, doi:10.1029/2009GL040684 view

¤ Paper on quantifying deformation in faults - published (July 2009) ¤
Bjork, T.E., Mair, K., and Austrheim, H., 2009, Quantifying granular material and deformation: Advantages of combining grain size shape and mineral phase recognition analysis, Journal of Structural Geology, vol 31, p637-653 view

¤ CONGRATULATIONS to Torbjorn Bjork!¤
Torbjorn won the 'Store Norske' prize for the best Master thesis in Geoscience 2006-2008 at the Norwegian biannual winter meeting in Bergen.

¤ Geology paper on pseudotachylytes now published (December 2008) ¤
Andersen, T.B., Mair, K., Austrheim, H., Podladchikov, Y.Y., and Vrijmoed, J.C., 2008 Stress-release in exhumed intermediate-deep earthquakes determined from ultramafic pseudotachylyte, Geology 36, 995-998 view abstract

¤ EPSL paper on Fault Gouge Modelling is published (September 2008) ¤
Mair, K., and Abe, S., 2008 3D numerical simulations of fault gouge evolution during shear: Grain size reduction and strain localization, Earth and Planetary Science Letters (2008) 274 pp. 72-81 view pdf

¤ 2008 AGU Fall Meeting in San Francisco - Special session ¤
'Seismic fault zone rocks' G. DiToro (Padova), Y. Ben-Zion (USC), C. Marone (PSU) and K. Mair (PGP) read more.

¤ CONGRATULATIONS to Munib Sarwar!¤
Munib successfully defended his Masters thesis 'Energy Dissipation in a Simulated Fault System' 20 October 2008

¤ 2007 AGU Fall Meeting in San Francisco - Special session on fragmentation¤
'Fragmentation Processes in the Earth' K. Mair (PGP), B. Jamtveit (PGP), C.G. Sammis (USC) read more.
The schedule and abstracts: Poster session T11A on Monday morning. Talk session T14A on Monday afternoon.

¤ BSSA paper on Acoustic Emissions is published (December 2007) ¤
Mair, K., Marone, C., and Young, R.P., Rate dependence of acoustic emissions generated during shear of simulated fault gouge, Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America (2007) view pdf

¤ EPSL paper on Force Chains is published (July 2007) ¤
Mair, K., and Hazzard, J.F., Nature of stress accommodation in sheared granular material: Insights from 3D numerical modelling, Earth and Planetary Science Letters (2007) view pdf

¤ Deformation bands paper is published (June 2007)¤
Fossen, H., Schultz, R.A., Shipton, Z.K., and Mair, K. Deformation bands in sandstone - a review, Journal of the Geological Society of London (2007) view pdf

¤ CONGRATULATIONS to Simen Braeck!¤
Simen successfully defended his PhD thesis 'Mechanical failure of viscoelastic solids by self-localizing thermal runaway' 12 september 2007

¤ EGU General Assembly 2007 - Special session on earthquake processes ¤
Physics and Mechanics of Earthquakes and Faulting (SM22/ MPRG18/ TS3.1)
Organizers: Jean Schmittbuhl, Karen Mair, Giulio DiToro. read more.

¤ PGP success ¤
The Centre of Exellence midway evaluation results are published. PGP has been granted 6 more years of funding!

¤ New GRL paper - published online 4th October 2006 ¤
Mair, K., Renard, F., and Gundersen, O., Thermal imaging on simulated faults during frictional sliding, Geophysical Research Letters (2006) view pdf

¤ Congratulations to Torbjorn Bjork ¤
Torbjorn Bjork has successfully defended his Master thesis entitled 'Quantification and modelling of deformation processes; motivated by observations from the contact to the Hornelen basin, Bremangerlandet'

¤ New SAFOD Fault Gouge Research Project ¤
Microstructural analyses of gouge from the San Andreas Fault Observatory at Depth (SAFOD) borehole in relation to brittle fault mechanics: a collaborative study. Read more details here.

¤ PGP at EGU 2006 in Vienna ¤
PGP were active participants in the recent European Geosciences Union conference in Vienna, Austria. View our EGU daily schedule and read our abstracts.