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Here are my recent scientific papers and public outreach articles.

2013 Barrett, N., and Mair, K.,
Aftershock: a collaboration of science and art through sonification
Organised Sound: An International Journal of Music and Technology, accepted August 2013

2013 Fondriest M., Smith, S.A.F., Candela, T., Nielsen, S.B., Mair, K., and Di Toro, G.,
Mirror-like faults and power dissipation during earthquakes
Geology, G34641, November 2013 (in press)

2012 Renard, F., Mair, K., and Gundersen, O.,
Surface roughness evolution on experimentally simulated faults
Journal of Structural Geology, Volume: 45 Pages: 99-110, Published: DEC 2012, DOI: 10.1016/j.jsg.2012.03.009

2012 Candela, T., Renard, F., Klinger, Y., Mair, K., Schmittbuhl, J., and Brodsky, E.E.,
Roughness of fault surfaces over nine decades of length scales
Journal of Geophysical Research, Volume: 117, Issue: B8, Published: AUG 2012, DOI: 10.1029/2011JB009041

2011 Mair, K., and Abe, S.,
Breaking up: Comminution mechanisms in sheared simulated fault gouge
Pure and Applied Geophysics, doi:10.1007/s00024-011-0266-6, volume 168, number 12, p2277-2288, december 2011

2011 Mair, K.,
Breaking up: Fragmentation process in faults
META, Magazine published by the Notur II projet - The Norwegian metacenter for computational science, number 2, p 4-7, may 2011

2011 Sassier, C., Galland, O. and Mair, K.,
To capture student interest in geosciences - Plan an adventure
EOS transactions, American Geophysical Union, vol 92, No 1, January 4, 2011

2009 Abe, S., and Mair, K.,
Effects of gouge fragment shape on fault friction: New 3D modelling results
Geophysical Research Letters, Vol 36, L23302, doi:10.1029/2009GL040684, 2009

2009 Bjørk, T.E., Mair, K., and Austrheim, H.,
Quantifying granular material and deformation: Advantages of combining grain size shape and mineral phase recognition analysis
Journal of Structural Geology, vol 31, p637-653

2008 Mair, K., and Abe, S.,
3D numerical simulations of fault gouge evolution during shear: Grain size reduction and strain localization
Earth and Planetary Science Letters, vol 274, pp. 72-81, doi:10.1016/j.epsl.2008.07.010

2008 Andersen, T.B., Mair, K., Austrheim, H., Podladchikov, Y.Y., and Vrijmoed, J.C.,
Stress-release in exhumed intermediate-deep earthquakes determined from ultramafic pseudotachylyte
Geology 36, 995-998

2008 Forskningsradet eVITA Magazine article on the work of S. Abe and K. Mair
Stanser jordskjelv midt i utviklingen
Nytt fra eVITA, Nr 2, November 2008

2007 Mair, K., Marone, C., and Young, R.P.,
Rate dependence of acoustic emissions generated during shear of simulated fault gouge
Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America, vol. 97 no. 6, p1841-1849, doi: 10.1785/0120060242

2007 Mair, K., and Hazzard, J.F.,
Nature of stress accommodation in sheared granular material: Insights from 3D numerical modelling
Earth and Planetary Science Letters, vol 259, p469-485, 10.1016/j.epsl.2007.05.006

2007 Fossen, H., Schultz, R.A., Shipton, Z.K., and Mair, K.,
Deformation bands in sandstone - a review
Journal of the Geological Society, vol 164, Number 4, 2007, pp. 755-769(15)

2006 Mair, K., Renard, F., and Gundersen, O.,
Thermal imaging on simulated faults during frictional sliding
Geophysical Research Letters, vol 33, L19301, doi:10.1029/2006GL027143, 2006

2005 Abe, S., and Mair, K.,
Grain fracture in 3D numerical simulations of granular shear
Geophysical Research Letters, vol 32, L05305, doi: 1029/2004GL022123
*AGU journal highlight

2003 Hazzard, J.F., and Mair, K.,
The importance of the third dimension in granular shear
Geophysical Research Letters, 30 (13), 1708, 10.1029/2003GL017534
*AGU journal highlight

2002 Mair, K., Elphick, S. and Main, I.,
Influence of confining pressure on the mechanical and structural evolution of laboratory deformation bands
Geophysical Research Letters, 29(10), 10.1029/2001GL013964

2002 Mair, K., Frye, K.M. and Marone, C.,
Influence of grain characteristics on the friction of granular shear zones
Journal of Geophysical Research, 107, (10), 2219, doi: 10.1029/2001JB000516

2001 Main I., Mair, K., Kwon, O., Elphick, S., and Ngwenya B.,
Recent experimental constraints on the mechanical and hydraulic properties of deformation bands in porous sandstones: a review
In: The nature and significance of fault zone weakening, Holsworth, R.E, Strachan, R.A., Magloughlin, J.F. and Knipe, R.J. (eds.), Geological Society of London, Special Publications, 186, p43-63

2001 Saffer, D.M., Frye, K.M., Marone, C. and Mair, K.
Laboratory results indicating complex and potentially unstable frictional behavior of smectite clay
Geophysical Research Letters, 28 , No. 12 , p. 2297
* GRL cover article

2000 Mair, K., and Marone, C.,
Shear heating in granular layers
Pure and Applied Geophysics, 157, p1847-1866

1999 Mair, K., and Marone, C.,
Friction of simulated fault gouge for a wide range of velocities and normal stresses
Journal of Geophysical Research (B), 104, p28899-28914

2000 Mair, K., Main, I.G. and Elphick, S.C.
Sequential growth of deformation bands in the laboratory
Journal of Structural Geology, 22, p25-42

1998 Mair K.,
Experimental studies of fault zone development in a porous sandstone
PhD Thesis, University of Edinburgh, 1998