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Jo Thori Lind, Karine Nyborg, Anna Pauls:

Save the Planet or Close Your Eyes? Testing Strategic Ignorance in a Charity Context  



Benedicte Carlsen and Karine Nyborg:

Healer or Gatekeeper? Physicians’ Role Conflict when Symptoms are Non-Verifiable



Karine Nyborg:

Adam in the Perfectly Competitive Market

Short story – fiction on economics. Taken from Balladen om den usynlige Hånd (The Ballad of the Invisible Hand), Oslo: Aschehoug, 2016. Translated by Rosie Hedger.



Kjell Arne Brekke, Karen Evelyn Hauge, Jo Thori Lind, Karine Nyborg:

The Good, the Bad and the Conditional: Sorting and Dynamics in a Public Good Game with Endogenous Group Formation.