This is a real norwegian snowman. I made it myself, and I'm proud of it. I think it's a nice one...I am Norwegian! Like all other people in this country, I am decsended from some great viking hero. We eat raw whale flesh with goat cheese for breakfast. We drink milk directly from the cow, so we don't have to do the dishes. All kids are born with snowboards on their feet. The scenery is pretty wild. There are fjords all over the place! If you want to see them all, you are already too late. And we are smarter than the Swedish and the Danish people. We are actually the best people in the whole universe! We live here far, far north. Some parts of the country, are so far away that not even the sun bothers to shine there! We live so distantly apart, that the only sensible way to communicate is by E-mail. Or we can pump some gas from the family oil-rig into the 1969 model of what they call a car, and drive a few hours to the nighbour. We are currently having two languages, one for normal use, and one for letters to the people on the West Coast. If you remember all this, maybe we can meet and hunt polarbears in the streets of Oslo. See you.