Current research


Underlined articles can be downloaded in PDF format.



The battle of regimes. (with Halvor Mehlum)


The Equality Multiplier (with Erling Barth) Updated September 2013


King of the Hill, Positional Dynamics in Contests. (with Halvor Mehlum)


Den Nordiske Modellen.


Sustainability and organizational design in informal groups, with some evidence from Kenyan Roscas. (with S. Anderson and  J.-M. Baland)


Social Democracy as a Development Strategy. (with M. Wallerstein )  Paper presented  on the Santa Fe conference on  Globalization and Redistribution. June 2002.


Social Democracy in Poor Countries. (Paper presented on the Conference on Development and Decentralization, Calcutta, December 1998.)


Resource abundance, growth, and institutional quality, Mimeo University of Oslo, March 2002. (with H. Mehlum and R. Torvik)


Bonuses against Bribes. (Paper presented at FRIDE\Gorbachev Foundation, Expert Meeting in Madrid.


Slack and Tight Labor Markets. (with R. Nymoen and M. Wallerst­ein).


Egalitarian wage policies. (with M. Wallerstein).


Contested Power and Political Instability. (with H. Mehlum)


Rent Grabbing and Russia's Economic Collapse. (with S. Chand)


Public bureaucracies as manic depressive organizations. (with J. Andvig).