Karsten Trulsen

Position: Professor of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics
at the University of Oslo, Department of Mathematics, Mechanics Group
Address: Matematisk Institutt, P.B. 1053 Blindern, NO-0316 Oslo, Norway
Phone: (+47) 22 85 58 33
Fax: (+47) 22 85 43 49
Email: karstent@math.uio.no


Vår 2018: MEK1100 Feltteori og vektoranalyse

Some recent publications:

Simanesew, A., Krogstad, H. E., Trulsen, K. & Nieto Borge, J. C.   (accepted 2017)   Bimodality of directional distributions in ocean wave spectra: A comparison of data-adaptive estimation techniques.   Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology

Simanesew, A., Trulsen, K., Krogstad, H. E. & Nieto Borge, J. C.   2017   Surface wave predictions in weakly nonlinear directional seas.   Appl. Ocean Res. 65, 79-89.

Taklo, T. M. A., Trulsen, K., Krogstad, H. E. & Nieto Borge, J. C.   2017   On dispersion of directional surface gravity waves.   J. Fluid Mech. 812, 681-697.

Simanesew, A., Krogstad, H. E., Trulsen, K. & Nieto Borge, J. C.   2016   Development of frequency-dependent ocean wave directional distributions.   Appl. Ocean Res. 59, 304-312.

Trulsen, K., Nieto Borge, J. C., Gramstad, O., Aouf, L. & Lefèvre, J.-M.  2015   Crossing sea state and rogue wave probability during the Prestige accident.   J. Geophys. Res. 120 (10), 7113-7136.

Taklo, T. M. A., Trulsen, K., Gramstad, O., Krogstad, H. E. & Jensen, A.   2015   Measurement of the dispersion relation for random surface gravity waves.   J. Fluid Mech. 766, 326-336.

Naaijen, P., Trulsen, K. & Blondel-Couprie, E.   2014   Limits to the extent of the spatio-temporal domain for deterministic wave prediction.   International Shipbuilding Progress 61 (3-4), 203-223.

Gramstad, O., Zeng, H., Trulsen, K. & Pedersen, G. K.   2013   Freak waves in weakly nonlinear unidirectional wave trains over a sloping bottom in shallow water.   Phys. Fluids 25 (12), 122103 (14 pages).

Trulsen, K., Zeng, H. & Gramstad, O.   2012   Laboratory evidence of freak waves provoked by non-uniform bathymetry.   Phys. Fluids 24, 097101 (10 pages). [Full-text at DUO]

Zeng, H. & Trulsen, K.   2012   Evolution of skewness and kurtosis of weakly nonlinear unidirectional waves over a sloping bottom.   Nat. Hazards Earth Syst. Sci. 12, 631-638.

Gramstad, O. & Trulsen, K.   2011   Fourth-order coupled nonlinear Schrödinger equations for gravity waves on deep water.   Phys. Fluids 23, 062102 (9 pages).

Gramstad, O. & Trulsen, K.   2011   Hamiltonian form of the modified nonlinear Schrödinger equation for gravity waves on arbitrary depth.   J. Fluid Mech. 670, 404-426.

Toffoli, A., Gramstad, O., Trulsen, K., Monbaliu, J., Bitner-Gregersen, E. & Onorato, M.   2010   Evolution of weakly nonlinear random directional waves: laboratory experiments and numerical simulations.   J. Fluid Mech. 664, 313-336.

Krogstad, H. E. & Trulsen, K.   2010   Interpretations and observations of ocean wave spectra.   Ocean Dynamics 60, 973-991.

Gramstad, O. & Trulsen, K.   2010   Can swell increase the number of freak waves in a wind-sea?   J. Fluid Mech. 650, 57-79.

Hjelmervik, K. B. & Trulsen, K.   2009   Freak wave statistics on collinear currents.   J. Fluid Mech. 637, 267-284.

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Inversion of radar remote sensing images and deterministic prediction of ocean waves

Nonlinear wind-waves, their modification by tidal currents, and application to Norwegian coastal waters

Freakbølger, ekstreme bølger og havbølgeklima
Freak waves, rogue waves, extreme waves and ocean wave climate
Olas gigantes, olas extremas y clima de olas marinas

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