A presentation of Katrine Fangen

EUMARGINS On the Margins of the European Community
Katrine Fangen

professor Katrine Fangen

Department of Sociology and Human Geography
Harriet Holters house, 436, Moltke Moes vei 31
P.O.Box 1096 Blindern, N-0317 Oslo, NORWAY

Main scientific interests

  • Immigration
  • Ethnic minorities
  • National identity
  • Social inclusion and social exclusion
  • Radicalisation and right-wing extremism
  • Qualitative methods

recent Research Projects

I was the project leader of the European comparative research project EUMARGINS, which was funded by the EU’s 7th framework program. For details about the project, please visit the project webpages. Currently, I take part in the following research projects: Negotiating the NATION and The Impact of Temporary Work Agencies on the Politics of Work (both projects are funded by the Norwegian research council).

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