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Kristine Eide, Phd
University of Oslo
Department of Literature, Area Studies and European Languages, (ILOS)
Postboks 1003 Blindern
0315 Oslo

e-mail: k.g.eide at

Main fields of interest:

Romance linguistics and philology
Portuguese language and linguistics
Comparative historical linguistics
Historical syntax
Word order
Discourse structures
Syntax-discourse-prosody interface
Medieval manuscripts

Current projects:

ISWOC - Information Structure and Word Order Change in Germanic and Romance Languages

Interface between syntax, discourse and prosody in the history of the Romance languages. Prosodically driven syntactic changes.


Forthcoming: NO2014 volume 10: salme – salsa, rån- våvyrke

Forthcoming: “The case of unaccusatives in Classical Portuguese” Paper held at the 2nd Conference on Diachronic Typology, Gothenburg, May 2006.  Pdf file

2010: “Prosody, information structure and word order changes in Portuguese.” in Ferraresi, Gisella / Lühr, Rosemarie (eds.): The role of information structure in language change (Language, Context and Cognition). Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter.
2006: Word order structures and unaccusative verbs in Classical and Modern Portuguese.
The reorganisation of information structure. Phd dissertation, Universitetsforlaget, Oslo. Pdf file
”A noção de tópico e a ordem de palavras no português do século XVI” Romansk Forum nr. 16 2002/2).
1998 "Begrepet "vulgærlatin" og dets betydning innen romansk filologi." Romansk Forum 1998.


Also: Web based Portuguese Grammar, developed for use at both local and distance courses at the University of Oslo.


Also: O verbo andar em português e espanhol. Um estudo diacrónico. (unpublished dissertation, magistergradsavhandling 1997).

Other papers:

“Information structure change drives syntactic change:  Portuguese unaccusative verbs”. Invited speaker at Deutsche Romanistentag, Bonn 2009.

“Historical development of discourse structures in Portuguese.” ICHL, Montreal, August 2007.

Uakkusativitet i grensesnittet mellom syntaks og informasjonsstruktur: Portugisisk ordstilling 13.-21.årh. (“unaccusativity and the syntactic-pragmatic interface: Portuguese word order 13th-21st cent”) Lysebu, 3-5 jan 2008.




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Other talks:

”Syntaktiske likheter i romanske språk.” Invited speaker at Den norske oversetterforeningen, December 2005.


Degrees from the University of Oslo:

1988 - 1992    Latin, Greek and Portuguese: Cand mag.

1993 – 1994    Linguistics and Romance philology: Additional courses to Cand.mag.

1997:               Romance philology : Magistergrad (Specialising in Portuguese, French, Italian and Rumanian)

2006:               Ph.D. in Portuguese historical linguistics


Other universities/institutions:

87/88   France: Université de Caen (French for foreigners)

91/92   Portugal: Universidade de Coimbra (Portuguese for foreigners)

95/96   Italy: FIDEM’s course in Medieval Philology in the Vatican Library

01/02   Portugual: Universidade Nova de Lisboa, visiting scholar


1)      1993-2000: Assistant teacher at the University of Oslo, Dept. of Classical and Romance studies. Theoretical and practical grammar, translation, history of the Portuguese language, medieval texts, classical texts and modern literature.

2)      1997-1998: Assistant at the National Library/University Library, reclassification project.

3)      1999-2001: Responsible for digital and distance courses in Portuguese at the University of Oslo: Developing the course and teaching.

4)      2001-2005: PhD grant, University of Oslo. (June 2003-June 2004: maternity leave)

5)      2003-2004: Member of the PhD committee for linguistics, University of Oslo.

6)      May 2007 reader/supervisor at dissertation seminar for PhD students at the University of Oslo.

7)      On maternity leave until January 13th. On part time maternity leave until July 2009

8)      2009 January-June: Assistant teacher at ILOS, University of Oslo: Portuguese language and African literature in Portuguese.

9)      2009-March 2010 Assistant Editor at NO2014

10)  April 2010 Post doctoral fellow and project leader at ISWOC


Conference organisation:

Organiser of workshop on information structure in historical linguistics, August 2009, at the XIXth ICHL in Nijmegen. (together with Ioanna Sitaridou and Roland Hinterhölzl)

Member of the organisation committee: Conference on Missionary Linguistics i Oslo, mars 2003,