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I have recently defended my Ph.D. titled SPARQL on the Open, Decentralised Web at the Department of Informatics, University of Oslo, Norway. My background is a Master's in theoretical astrophysics and 8 years of IT industry experience. There's an official institutional homepage and my personal homepage with a blog.

What I do


I see the success of an expressive query language, such as SPARQL, as a vital ingredient to a future Web where the population in general can use data to enhance their lives. It is therefore worrisome that the availability of SPARQL endpoints is so low. Many things must be done to fix this, but I have chosen my direction:

Caching and prefetching

As of now, the query infrastructure doesn't take advantage of the rich facilities HTTP provides for caching the revalidating the query result. Moreover, it doesn't offload query load to intermediate proxies, and I intend to fix that, by analyzing queries and prefetch possibly interesting query subpatterns. Moreover, to ensure practical impact, I will constrain my scope to what can be done with HTTP the currently deployed cache infrastructure in the Internet.



My publications (some of them self-published where no open access exists):






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