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Homepage : K. Kristoffer Andersson

Department of Biochemistry

University of Oslo

PO Box 1041 Blindern

N-0316 Oslo, Norway

Phone (47)2285 6625 (lab.) 2235 4130 (home)

Fax (47)2285 4443 (Department)

Professor K. Kristoffer Andersson:

The overall concern of KKA's research is the study of the relationship between molecular structure and function in connection with evolutionary and applied aspects of macromolecules, as monitored by low temperature EPR, other magnetical techniques and optical methods. The systems that are studied is mostly metal containing monooxygenases which can perform very difficult reactions like converting the inert methane to methanol (methane monooxygenases). Further research interests include fundamental (bio)- chemical questions such as; electron transfer (ribonucleotide reductase, cytochromes, iron-sulfur proteins), oxygen activation (methane monooxygenases, alkene hydroxylase, pterin hydroxylases, inorganic models), oxygen reduction to water, regulatory mechanisms like feedback inhibition and protein phosphorylation.some recent publications


18 Jan. 1996 KKA