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My interests:

Puzzles: I enjoy collecting and playing with Rubik's like and other mechanical puzzles. Visit my puzzle page to read about how I got started, or visit my gallery to see individual pictures of puzzles in my collection. I also have some puzzles available for trade. Please visit my wish list to see which puzzles I am looking for.

Juggling: Every now and then I get the urge to toss some objects in the air. Here you can read about how I used a math course as an excuse to teach myself how to juggle.

Music: I love to listen to classical music and enjoy playing the violin and piano.

Literature: When I was a teenager, people told me I was going to be a poet. But according to the 18th-century mathematician Karl Weierstrass, a great mathematician must also be a poet. Curious to know whether the converse would also be true, I chose to study mathematics. But I still enjoy both reading and writing literature.

Fractals: I have been fascinated by fractals ever since my father brought me to a lecture by Heinz-Otto Peitgen when I was 13. Later I ended up with a PhD in mathematics.

Other interests: Playing board games with my friends, dancing, hiking, swimming, painting, or simply enjoying moments of sweet idleness.
Picture of me

If you have any of the puzzles on my wish list and would like to discuss a trade, please feel free to contact me by email with an offer.

Last updated by Klara on December 19th, 2009