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In a moment of optimistic enthusiasm, I started taking individual pictures of puzzles in my collection in order to display them in this puzzle gallery. My plan was to include more detailed pictures and descriptions of each puzzle, accessible by clicking on the thumbnails. I also wanted to organize the pictures according to puzzle categories instead of putting them all on one page. Unfortunately I have not found time to work on this project lately, so progress is slow... Still, I am always looking to expand my collection, so please take a look at my wish list and my puzzles for trade.

Cubes and sequential movement puzzles

Custom made puzzles

Curvy copter (by Tom van der Zanden) Helicopter cube (by Adam Cowan) Dino-Rhombic-Dodecahedron (by Andrew
  Cormier) Rhombic triacontahedron Icosaminx (icosahedron from megaminx)
Megaminx ball (by David Calzone) Cubic 3x3x5 (by Jason Smith) Octaminx White octahedron Trajber's octahedron (by David Calzone)
Axis cube (by Smaz, design Adam Cowan) Hexagonal dipyramid (by Dragan
      Tutic) Fisher's high cube house (by J.C. Constantin) Star cube Master cuboctahedron
3 layer puck (by Milan Vodicka) Thomas Ball with Jürgen Bandt sticker
variation Colormorphix (by Milan Vodicka) Okki with Jürgen Bandt sticker variation Okki with Alexander's star sticker
Star prism with rainbow colors Dodecagonal prism 2 layer star prism Super star prism Super dodecagonal prism
Dino cube replicia (by Smaz) Dino cube replicia (by Scott Bedard) Starburst replicia Stern replicia Ball in cube
Elemental Neon Fractal (by Dave Litwin) Elemental Neon DIY

Factory Made Puzzles

Christoph's Magic Jewel (by Christoph
      Bandelow) Jewel puzzler (flowered jewel) Star puzzler Rubik's cheese Spaceship cube (from Ukraine)
Dino cube with dinosaurs Dino cube 6 colors Dino cube 4 colors Dino cube 2 colors Dino star
White Hungarian Supernova (6 color, painted) Hungarian Supernova (by Pentangle) Hungarian Supernova (French version) Hungarian Supernova New Hungarian Supernova
Tomy megaminx Meffert Megaminx 6 colors Meffert megaminx 12 colors Alexander star Alexander star (painted version)
Domino spindle version Domino groove version Hexagon Rhombic Dodecahedron (original
      version) 3x3x3 with truncated corners 3x3x3 ball
Pillow cube (Wonderful puzzler) Pillow cube (in box) Cuboctahedron (by Wonderful puzzler) Cuboctahedron (in box) Octagonal prism (by wonderful puzzler)
Diamond cube 10 colors Diamond cube 3 colors Diamond cube 3 colors (German version) Rhombi cuboctahedron 3 colors Rhombi cuboctahderon 9 colors (large)
Dogic 12 colors (original Hungarian
      version) Dogic 12 colors (by Meffert) Dogic 10 colors (by Meffert) Dogic 5 colors (by Meffert) Dogic with spare tiles
Logi-vip Wisdom ball Thomas ball 12 colors Thomas ball 4 colors Thomas ball solid colors
Rotascope Concorde Rotos Smart Alex Rubik's rabbits Rubik's world
Rubik's Maze Blue inca Inca (type A) Inca chewgum Kibble cube
Rubik pocket cube Rubik 3x3x3 Rubik's revenge (signed by Peter Sebesteny) Calendar cube Rubik's ultimate cube
Rubik's maze cube Rubik's twin cubes 4x4x4 Eastsheen Meffert's 4x4x4 V-cube 5
V-cube 5 white V-cube 6 V-cube 6 white V-cube 7 V-cube 7 white
Tower cube 2x2x3 3x3x4 cuboid 3x3x4 cuboid white 3x3x5 cuboid 3x3x5 cuboid white
Floppy cube 3x3x1 Domino 3x3x2 Crazy circle domino Crazy 4x4x4 Circle Cube Type 1 Crazy 4x4x4 Circle Cube Type 2
Mastermorhpix Mastermorhpix white Jing's pyraminx Jing's pyraminx (fluorescent stickers) Jing's pyraminx white
Pyraminx 25 years anniversary Pyraminx (by Meffert) Pyraminx (by Tomy) Tetraminx Tetraminx tiled
Tetraminx tiled Okki Pyra diamond (by Meffert) Pyramorphinx (by Meffert) Pyramorphix (by Meffert)
Pyrastar (by Meffert) 4d8 Skewb diamond original (by Meffert) Skewb diamond new production (by Meffert) Skewb diamond white (by Meffert)
Skewb Skewb ultimate Golden cube gold Golden cube silver Golden cube copper
Golden cube Skewb egg gold Skewb egg silver Skewb egg white Skewb ball
Morph egg Hexagon Rhombi Dodecahedron (new Chinese version) Hexagon Rhombi Dodecahedron white (new Chinese version) Rhombi Dodecahedron Rhombi Dodecahedron white
Fisher cube Fisher cube white Bandaged cube Mirror block Void cube
Void megaminx 6 colors Void megaminx 12 colors Void megaminx 2 colors Gigaminx (cube4you) Teraminx (mf8)
Pyraminx crystal Pyraminx crystal (stickered version) White pyraminx crystal Flowerminx White flowerminx
Faceturning octahedron (original version) Faceturning octahedron white Dayan octahedron Dayan octahedron white Diamond (chinese)
Rainbow cube 14 colors Rainbow cube 7 colors Square one Cube 21 Square one mf8 clone
Chromosix ball with letters Mystic IQ ball Rainbow masterball Masterball soccer K-ball
D-ball globe D-ball old globe 2x2x2 football Meffert Impossiball 6 colors Impossiball
Jerry Mouse 2x2x2 head Tom cat 2x2x2 head Bugs Bunny 2x2x2 head Mickey mouse 2x2x2 head Homer Simpson 2x2x2 head
Massage ball keychain Pyramorphix keychain Pyraminx keychain Skewb ball keychain Missing link keychain
3x3x3 keychain 3x3x3 keychain 2x2x2 keychain Octogonal barrel keychain Snake cube keychain
Mini kibble cube Snake cubes Siamese cubes Triamese cubes Quatramese cubes
Rubik's clock Rubik's fifteen Rubik's triamid Rubik's magic Rubik's mastermagic
Yoshimoto cube No. 1 Yoshimoto cube No. 2 Shinsei Crazy comet Kaleido puzzle
Orbik Magellan 15 puzzle 31 puzzle Virus puzzle
Rack 'em up Great gears Varikon tower 5 layers Missing link Spin-out
Gripple Turnstile Hungarian rings Mad traid 6 wheels Mad triad 3 wheels
Nintendo billion barrel Rubik's shells Orb-it Orb Platypus Ultimate
Tricky disky Hungarian ufo Ufo puckchess Puck radiation yellow/black
Rainbow puck Puck half rainbow Rainbow puck IQ 139 Puck IQ 139 yellow Puck IQ 139 blue
Varikon 3x3 Varikon 2x2 Cubedron (signed by inventor)

Wooden puzzles and others from my childhood

Arjeu star puzzle Arjeu pentagon puzzle Molecule Star-like puzzle Gordish star puzzle
Wooden puzzle Wooden puzzle Wooden puzzle Ball in box Ball in cage
Star Star step Wooden puzzle NIFI knolen Wooden puzzle
Barrel Ball pin Drawer Cubes Tic tac toe
Japanese puzzle Japanese puzzle Japanese puzzle Japanese puzzle Japanese puzzle
Soma cube Magnon cube IQ box Don't bread the bottle Dont break the bottle small
Carusell Wooden puzzle Thai puzzle Thai puzzle Thai puzzle
Heart with holes Heart and ring Black sheep Free the ring Spectacles
NIFI Niebelung Loop through buttonhole Tower of Hanoi Wooden snake Mosaik Würfel
Gordishe Knoten mini Indishe Sailtrick Pyramid Ring des Niebelungen Baum
Braintease solitair Solitair round Knights Knights
Gordian knot mini Dice Ball Three rings Beadholes
Turme mini Marble cube blue Marble cubes Impuzzable red Maze mini
Wire puzzles Wire puzzles Wire puzzle Spin Jacob's ladder
Words Escher puzzle Triamant Tangle Tangram

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