Hungarian Supernova - New Production from 2009

This is a recent reproduction of the Hungarian Supernova, produced in 2009 using the same moulds as in the 1980's. It is easily recognizable by its pastel coloured stickers and black core.

The color scheme of the new reproduction version is: Gold opposite silver, dark green opposite green, gray opposite blue, light orange opposite red, black opposite brown, white opposite yellow. With the gold side facing you, the surrounding colors going clock-wise are: Dark green, gray, light orange, black, white.

The mechanism of the new supernova is the same as for the black supernovas produced in the 1980's, but the core is black instead of gray.
Each corner and edge piece is comprised of two interlocking halves:

Here is a group picture of my supernovas:

Front row, left to right: White supernova, French version (?), new reproduction from 2009
Back row: Pentangle UK version in plastic tube, French version (Le Diamant) in plastic case.

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